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Experts for Localization

5 Traits to Consider While Hiring Translation Experts for Localization

Localization is an important part of any business expansion especially in the unfamiliar lands. When you are all set to go big with your localization plans in a new country,


Translation and Localization

Thin line separating Translation and Localization

How many of you are aware about the difference between Translation and Localization? Translation and localization have a lot in common as well as a lot of differences between them.


Accuracy in Localization

Blend of Speed and Accuracy in Localization

Ever wondered what is the co-relation between speed and accuracy in localization? Does the question about the need for speed and accuracy bother you ever? Why should a translator or



Pivotal Role of Localization in Internationalization

Globalization is the pulse of a thriving business that has aligned itself to the path of worldwide success. The two main components of globalization are – localization and internationalization. These



Importance of Terminology in Localization

A unique and relevant brand status is the most important asset of an organization. To maintain an all-time visible and consistent brand value of the enterprise, terminology needs to be