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Top 7 Apps For iWatch – Which way you are thinking to target your niche customers?

The much-awaited iWatch is finally here and tech-totalers all over the world are elated with it. The sleek and sophisticated Apple Watch has brought an entire bandwagon of intriguing apps too with it that include both the classics as well as ambitious debuts. From the business point of view, one can say that Apple has offered one more platform to the local as well as global businesses to interact and engage their customers in a better way. The kaleidoscope of numerous apps matches with almost every industry that a business is in. Hence their niche customers can be better targeted with a customized and targeted app that both directly and indirectly promote their line of business among existing and prospective customers.
Apple Watch is a delight to use and so are its apps, catering to almost each and every genre. Take a look at the top 7 of them and make up your mind about the type of app that you want for your business depending upon the type of audience you want to address and involve in your business strategies:


  1. Runtastic: Apple Watch is more or less promoted as a fitness gizmo nowadays and Runtastic app allows you to explore more as your fitness accessory that can track your speed, running, time, distance travelled and calories burned count such that you can work out like a pro.
  2. Twitter: Move your twitter ‘140-character long craze’ to your wrists from where you get to tweet even in crowded places where it’s practically impossible to keep your iPhone still even for just a second.
  3. Instagram: Strap your world of beautiful pictures and videos around your wrist now with the Apple Watch Instagram app that will let you browse, comment and even add cute emojis of your choice to the latest feeds of your Instagram account without the need to pick up your iPhone.
  4. Target: The app significantly gives the best in-store shopping experience using your Apple watch by suggesting where to find your desired products. Using Target Apple Watch app you can locate items, aisle location, add items to your list and check available deals.
  5. CityMapper: Feel at home even at a new place with the useful navigation skills of CityMapper that lets you roam around the entire place and take on that road less travelled without the fear of getting lost.
  6. Evernote: Dictate your notes to your round-the-clock available personal assistant that lets you review and edit them along with setting reminders for you. One of the best apps to remember those important things in life that might slip from your mind.
  7. Shazam: Don’t know the name of that song that has been stuck in your head all day? Let Shazam music app take care of it as you select few songs with their lyrics from its extensive database that has a song from every mood and moment of yours.

With so many apps already available, the users have been indulged in by their compact and user-friendly operation. The virtual Apple Watch store is gearing up to launch more apps that connect the enterprises with their target audience in a hassle-free way.