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Web Application Development Using LAMP

LAMP is an acronym of stack of technologies to form one platform for web and application development. LAMP stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL & PHP, the best thing for this combination is that all are open source technologies which means they can be used freely without any license requirement and can be modified accordingly for project requirement.


Today more than 80% of all web-servers and websites are running on LAMP platform, suitable for building high- availability heavy-duty dynamic websites, capable of serving thousands of requests simultaneously. Best things is that they are free to use and can be built upon customized solution as per need to serve the business objectives. Whole stack of software has very large active community base, which means they receive constant updates, which could be patching security holes or updating or introducing new API and whole platform is very well documented.


Binary Semantics has team of Professionals with expertise in LAMP development services. The experienced development team is dedicated to provide best web application development according to clients requirement. We have provided many custom web development solutions ranging from integrating CMS (Content Management System) to build large web projects web solutions to totally custom solution from scratch.


  • LAMP : Linux + Apache + MySql + PHP
  • Tools : Eclipse IDE, PHPmyadmin,
  • CMS : Magneto, WordPress, Joomla,
  • Technologies : PHP 5.5, MySql 5.5
  • Languages : PHP, SQL, Perl,


Services We Offer:

  • LAMP Desktop Application Development
  • LAMP Web Application Development
  • Application Migration into LAMP
  • Customization in LAMP Application


Our Advantages

  • Team of experienced professionals for LAMP Development.
  • Proven capabilities and expertise in LAMP to develop web based apps, social networking apps, and content management system and business applications.
  • We follow development standards comprising necessary documentations, testing and quality analysis of the web Applications.