Open Source and the Corporate Connection

Open Source technologies have changed the outlook of the entire corporate world. Open source is broadly about making intellectual property (IP) available to all. Unlike copyrighted IPs open source technologies have no specific restrictions. They are open to all and anyone who wishes to incorporate changes, modifications and amendments with their own range of solutions is able to do so.

Open Source and the Corporate Connection?

Various organizations are switching over to open source technologies for their own set of reasons. Let us look at some of the most compelling reasons that make open source a safe haven for IT giants. Here are the reasons:

1 Flexibility

Flexibility is one of the most outstanding features that open source offers. While most commercial software claim to be flexible, this however, is true but limited to their in-built features. The flexibility in this context is restricted to a particular package rather than the architecture of the IT solution. This taboo is broken by open source, which facilitates flexibility at the architectural level where skilled professionals have the liberty to bring about changes in line with business specifications. Crucial areas from business perspective include data exchange, inter-working and attention to details about maintaining seamlessness.

2 Cost Effective

Most work on open source technologies happens without the baggage of having to shell huge amounts to pay royalties and fees. Some of the key factors, which make open source cost effective include:

  • No purchase cost.
  • No record keeping for number of copies used eliminating overhead expenses.
  • No additional costs levied on upgrades.
  • Virus free and hence no need to purchase expensive anti-virus.
  • Free from hacking threat.


3 Stability

Most software become obsolete once newer versions or upgrades are available and hence call for additional investment to bring the latest version on the table. The shelf life of those software is thus limited. However, open source can be managed and molded as per business requirements and hence promises greater stability to the organization than the purchased ones.

4 Aduditability

Open source software have an advantage over the closed source softwares in terms of audit-ability. The beauty of open source lies in the publishing of source-code, which in itself is a guarantee of its qualities including security, compliance to standards and flexibility. Thus, it is easy for all open source software to be easily inspected by a third party that too without having to fake any claims.

5 Community

Open source software communities are reliable. Since everything is open in the world of open source, errors and bugs, if spotted, are fixed immediately by the community members. This feature is missing in the purchased software. Since everything is open in front of all, there is no scope for hidden features. The community members are prompt in offering reliable and feasible solutions to the problems faced.

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