Role of CAT tools in Localization

In today’s modern age, also can be called as “Computer age” awareness of computer is far more as compared to any other time. Now computer is used not only for calculation purpose but for almost all purposes. The dependency on computer has increased up to a level where it has dominated almost all the sectors be it – medical, travel and tourism, education, transportation, homes etc. So in short we can say that computer is playing a very important role in our lives.

Since computer has already entered in every industry, so how localization could have been left untouched from it. Everything needs continuous improvement to move to the next level, here CAT tools play a very crucial role in solving this purpose.

Role of CAT tools in Localization

CAT tools have benefited translation services in various ways such as:

Enhanced speed:

Localization industry is a fast turnaround industry where a large volume needs to be delivered within a short span of time in this competitive environment usually. The use of CAT tools makes it possible by aiding the translators in completing the translation in half of the time as compared to the traditional translation approach when no CAT tools were used.

Increased Productivity:

Since the use of CAT tools have triggered the speed, so it ultimately leads to the increase in quantity. But it still the accuracy depends upon the linguist that how he/she uses the CAT tools to increase the productivity. Like while doing the translation, several suggestions are provided by the tool which should be thoroughly analyzed by the linguists and the best one should be chosen.

Typing to Translation:

This is one of the best feature facilitated by the CAT tool in which a linguist does not need to type the whole word or sentence when it has already been translated earlier. This feature helps the linguists in enhancing his/her productivity as the total effort gets lowered down up to a great extent. It becomes a very pleasant experience for the linguist he/she does not need to type the same thing again and again.

In traditional translation approach where linguist could translate near about 100 words in an hour but with the help CAT tools, linguists can translate more than double the efficiency of traditional approach.

Quality of Work:

CAT tools not only help in increasing the productivity but help in increasing the accuracy as well. So in maintaining the quality of translation, consistency plays a very vital role. Consistency basically means the usage of the same translation of the same term throughout the file which is efficiently supported by the CAT tools by providing suggestions.

Although consistency should be followed in all types of translation but in some contents it needs to be adhered to strictly like – legal, financial, scientific and technical documents. Apart from maintaining consistency throughout the translation, CAT tools help in following the glossaries as well by providing suggestions such as in case of multiterm etc.

At last we can say that CAT tools play very crucial role in localization services industry in performing the translation work faster and better. With Binary Semantics highly experienced team you can get localization services with great accuracy.

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