How unprecedented situation due to corona virus is affecting website traffic globally?

So by now every one of us must know the inexplicable situation that has arisen due to coronavirus pandemic. The bitter truth is that it’s spreading quickly and this might continue to spread like this for some time, impacting people and economies in many ways. Many countries have declared partial or full lockdowns in order to win war against this invisible enemy – ‘Covid-19’. Moreover, this unforeseen situation will keep impacting businesses all over the world.

Adapting to new lockdown situation, many businesses are giving their employees the flexibility to work from home; in order to keep the business and employees safer and sustainable. Online businesses like e-commerce, internet providers, digital marketers & software developers are able to work from remote locations as they only need an internet connection to perform their job. Unfortunately, not all industries have the luxury to opt WFH like Aviation, Travel, Agriculture, Construction, Education, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Transportation and many more.

World leading economies are going down as many businesses are shut from quite a time now. This economic slowdown is not only loss of businesses but also to employees who might have to face situations like lay-offs or salary deduction. Definitely, there is going to be a big impact on website traffic and conversions. And so, for digital marketers, this is the time to study how this situation is going to impact their website traffic and online business opportunities.

Not every business is losing traffic on their website, some are having their highest every traction and growth graph while most of the businesses are facing a dip in their website traffic curve.

Segments which are gaining huge traffic due to Lockdown?

The impact of COVID-19 has started showing on the organic web traffic on most of the industries. We are researching about the trends and the search volume of most of the industries have either fallen or increased or vice versa. In sectors like news, media, entertainment the traffic is touching sky-rocket heights while in the rest of the industries it has shown a tremendous decrease in web traffic.


Now the situation is like empty offices and full homes this is when the strain on internet arises as people are working and entertaining with the help of internet and are engaging themselves on different portals like Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube & News. And this is where these industries are going to earn a lot more of money, web traffic as well as conversions. Infact, DD National has come with the highly creative idea of telecasting 90s popular shows like Ramayan, Mahabharat, Shaktiman, Dekh Bhai Dekh which took their daily TRP to highest ever followed by Hotstar who tied up with Disney to telecast the golden Disney era from 90s. Some FMCG companies are using their time to brand themselves like Amul whose classic commercials from 90s are gathering every marketer’s eye. Businesses like LinkedIn and many others are pitching LMS considering this is the best time to where companies might like to invest in skill enhancement of employees via online learning and training courses and certifications.

https://www.binarysemantics.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/the-impact-of-coronavirus-has-started-showing-on-the-organic-web-traffic.pngWhile people are working from remote locations, they are in need of daily groceries, food, vegetables and medicines. This is where the online grocery stores and online medical stores came in picture and are increasing tremendously. These grocery stores and medical stores are delivering items home.

What SEO experts should do in this time to combat the situation?
The global pandemic of COVID-19 is affecting almost every part of life over the globe. As the global economy is shifting downwards, many businesses are changing strategies and preparing for the worst to combat the situation in crisis. Here are few points which digital marketers and SEOs around the word should consider in current scenario:-

1. Cash is hand: During shifting of economies, cash is the most important thing one need to have in order to produce better ROI in search engine optimization, both organic as well as paid.

    • Update website content that builds trust. One way is to provide a pop-up on the pages with high traffic or website homepage to inform visitors about steps that your company is taking to address COVID-19 and keep your employees and customers safe.

2. Manage your web presence: you need to maintain your online reputation during this crisis.

    • Update schema on website
    • Keep updated Google My Business page
    • Monitor Google Search Console
    • Monitoring of Social Media Campaigns

3. Utilize this time for enhancing Off-page SEO activities like Link Building and Website Speed Optimization

4. URL Structure Optimization

5. Change your SEO strategy with the latest trends

6. Explore & Use Digital Ways to Deliver Content: There can be many ways like-

    • Video
    • Blogs
    • Webinar


Paid Campaigns or Offers – Is this resulting in increasing/maintaining website traffic?

The PPC and Google AdWords strategy has changed drastically with COVID-19. Digital Marketers are required to be bold, innovative, and persistent with our ever-evolving condition.

Facebook reports a 50% increment in messaging with voice and video calling dramatically increasing on Messenger and WhatsApp. With an enormous level of use revolved around messaging, groups and live streams, Facebook says huge numbers of these highlights are not monetized, so they are seeing a decline in ad revenue. The chance to contact more individuals at the highest point of the channel through PPC and covered social ads is currently in full swing.

Openings worth investigating presently as people consume more content: Display ad extension on the Google Display Network and Microsoft Bing Ads tool. YouTube and in-video ad ads placement alternatives.

Final Thoughts

The COVID-19 outbreak has made sensational change for us all. While the web is getting more use than any other time in recent times, set aside this effort to concentrate on your digital marketing efforts. Do your research, read updates, collect data, search for the trends, and build a strong SEO strategy.

Multiplying down on your SEO efforts presently won’t just assist you with enduring this present challenge yet will likewise set you up for long term achievement. Despite the fact that things are as of now in a condition of significant motion, SEO might be more important now than ever before.

Surely, there must be impacts on your website traffic. Share your interpretations on how your website or business is getting affected by the outbreak of COVID-19. Do let us know for any assistance for boosting your website traffic. We will be happy to help you.

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