How AI Enters into Ecommerce industry

Artificial Intelligence is the most buzzing word these days in the online and technical market and we see everyone mentioning about it in all the industries we come across. It is embedding itself into all aspects of our lives and it is developing as a new source of business.

How AI Enters into Ecommerce industry

If we search for AI online, we will stumble to see the number of articles that we come across which shows the dominance of marketplace.

But why Artificial Intelligence is a game-changer? What is AI for consumers and businesses?

If you are a user who is searching for any product online, then AI is playing a role in your search results and what you see on screen.

If you are a user who is using any chat window on any website making an enquiry then you are talking to AI first most of the time.

If you are getting emails or more recommendation advertisements on similar products that you have searched for recently then AI is doing its job in the background.

Many e-commerce businesses use Artificial Intelligence to understand their customers better which is also providing excellent customer experience and generates new leads for businesses.

AI & Search Engines

Online Shoppers are rapidly bringing change and competition into the market where e-commerce websites are forced to create innovative search engines and bring capabilities where complementary products for finding matching products are offered for the customer.

But how AI is used to bring enhanced customer experience?

Have you ever experienced where e-commerce websites like Amazon constantly recommending products similar to the search you have just checked? Well, this is how Artificial Intelligence is taking ecommerce to next level.

By using AI, businesses are re-targeting potential customers who are interested in their products or services through new AI Technology.

Popular websites like Amazon are using genius AI applications to ease their customer journeys and create more personalized shopping experiences for their consumers.

Image Search

You might have come across a situation where you liked a product but do not know the name or what it is called.

Do you know that you can just do a single click by uploading the image and just search for that product?

One of the most exciting trends of AI in e-commerce is Visual Searching. Visual search will read the images to find the color, size, proportion & shape to identify the products and brands.

By using the power of AI combined with NLP (Natural Language Processing) where keyword search and image search go with hand-in-hand, e-commerce platforms are engaging customers with the human element.

Whether it is a mobile application, the website, AI is monitoring all the devices and channels we use to create unified customer view where e-commerce retailers are delivering seamless customer experience across all platforms.

Voice-Assisted Search & AI

We are moving towards voice assistance technology where certain AI like Siri, Alexa, and Google Home Technologies are responding to human voices. Smartphone users who use smart speakers ask these devices for an answer to a query where the job of searching to those keywords will be left to AI.

The technology has become incredibly clever and handy that kids can as Google or Alexa to deliver a pizza to their home or tell them a bed time story.

Mobile-friendly sites are becoming more important than ever these days where we can conduct a voice search to ask about ‘Good Indian restaurant nearby’ or ‘Dentist nearby’

Voice search is not a shiny piece of technology anymore but it’s rapidly becoming part of customers’ daily lives and affecting on how people search using smart devices.

E-commerce sites are preparing for this emerging search trend and updating their keyword strategy.

When consumers use voice search, they tend to speak or express in natural language – natural language recognition in AI is empowering and taking a new shift towards conversation-based Ecommerce development.


When we visit any recognized e-commerce website, the chat box is prompted asking how we can help. When we type our query, the results are immediately displayed on the chat box screen for the user to choose or to respond further.

Chabot’s are built using Artificial Intelligence and are available 24/7 for customer support which is providing a personal experience to users.

Using Chabot’s in websites, e-commerce retailers are providing valuable customer support and using them to communicate with their target audience.

Many brands are already using popular social channels like Facebook Messenger, Twitter Messenger, Skype, Kik, Slack, etc. to reach out to their target audience. Chatting with Pizza Hut on Facebook or Twitter Messenger, will deliver a customized pizza to their doorstep. Famous clothing brand H&M developed an interactive bot for Kik messaging app where it uses photo option and ask questions about your style. Likes and dislikes to create style profile.

If e-commerce sites wants to stay competitive in long run, they have to jump on and kick start with developing their unique branded Chabot where this trend continues to grow.

E-commerce sites are witnessing an exponential hike in their sales when they adapt Artificial Intelligence into their e-commerce sites.

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