Revolutionizing Logistics: The Transformative Benefits of Automated Number Plate Recognition

Feature image showing benefits of ANPR system

Did you know logistics-related fraud attempts in India have increased by 224 percent in the past three years? This is primarily due to the sector’s heavy reliance on manual processes and a lack of automation-driven technological integrations. As we discuss the benefits of ANPR systems in this post, you will realize how simple it is to overcome such fraud.

Bolstering our Logistics Process Automation solution with advanced automation tech, here’s an attempt to help you understand the need for an Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system — safeguarding the very first and last operation of any logistics facility’s process. Let’s learn ANPR from the inside and out, and figure out the benefits of ANPR systems for the logistics sector.  

What is Automatic Number Plate Recognition? 

The Automatic Number Plate Recognition System (ANPR), also known as the Automatic License Plate Recognition System (ALPR), is a globally popular vehicle identification and verification system.

ANPR, often a part of a complete Logistics Process Automation solution, comes loaded with a processor, camera, scanners, sensors, and software that provides Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

The data captured can be stored on a server and used whenever required in the supply chain process. In other words, ANPR easily automates vehicle verification tasks in your logistics facilities.

How does Automatic Number Plate Recognition work?

Working of ANPR system

Before we discuss the benefits of ANPR systems, let’s learn how they work. The Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system works in three simple steps —  

Step 1: Strategic Hardware Installation 

The hardware unit requires strategic placement at the gate-in and gate-out stations. The idea is to ensure the stations are completely visible and vehicles’ number plates are easily captured, even if they are moving.  

Step 2: Data Capture and Recognition 

Once the cameras capture the image of a number plate, the Optical Character Recognition analyzes the image and extracts alphanumeric data from it. The data is shared with a Logistics Process Automation solution. 

Step 3: Data Analysis by LPA 

The last step in the process is data matching by the Logistics Process Automation solution. The data captured in the process is matched with the data stored in the server. Once the data matches, LPA sends a command to open the gates. The same process happens at gate-out stations. 

Ten Key Benefits of ANPR Systems in Logistics

Ten benefits of ANPR systems

Now that you know how the ANPR system works, it’s time we discuss its impact on any logistics facility. Here are the key benefits of the ANPR system in logistics — 

1. Prevents unauthorized vehicle entry

The ANPR system makes sure that only authorized vehicles get into the logistics facility. It does that by seamlessly scanning the vehicle’s number plate and matching it with the sales order or customer order information. The gates open only if the information collected matches the information stored in the server. 

2. Eliminates manual vehicle verification process

With the Automatic Number Plate Recognition system in place, companies can do away with the manual vehicle verification process. ANPR helps achieve that as it is loaded with high-definition cameras, RFID scanners, and sensors. The hardware is complemented by a fool-proof software solution. 

3. Prevents fraud at gate-in/gate-out stations

As frauds in logistics rise across the country, you can use ANPR to significantly reduce fraud at gate-in and gate-out stations. The ANPR systems monitor the gates with cameras that provide a complete view of the station. The system can detect any activity happening near the boom barrier and can alert the authorities. You can keep your facility from product theft, vehicle tampering, or record alterations at the gates.  

4. Boosts logistics efficiency with LPA

FleetRobo’s Logistics Process Automation solution makes the most of the ANPR system as it helps make logistics facilities more efficient. Manual processes like checking container locks and verifying driver details (without making drivers alight) can be easily automated. A seamless vehicle verification process saves much time at gate-in and gate-out stations. The information collected through scanning can be stored on the server and pulled whenever required in the future. 

5. Requires minimum maintenance

 Besides automating the vehicle verification process, the ANPR system also reduces maintenance at gate-in and gate-out stations. The cameras and sensors are securely installed at strategic locations and do not require a workforce to maintain them. However, we recommend you conduct regular hardware audits to identify any issues.  

6. Works effectively 24/7/365

The ANPR system is loaded with hardware that is designed for rugged usage. Hardware such as HD cameras, scanners, and other sensors come with a strong casing that prevents water and dust from hampering their functionalities. Once installed, they can run in the most extreme environments without any issues for years. 

7. Installation/updation without downtime

As we keep updating our Logistics Process Automation solution, there can be instances when you need to upgrade the ANPR hardware or software. Our expert technicians are known for their ability to upgrade the ANPR system without causing much downtime. Besides, the installation or updation can be scheduled as per your preferences.   

8. Achieve superior scalability

Scalability and expansion are major issues that logistics companies have to deal with as they grow. The ANPR system in Logistics Process Automation solution allows such companies to verify a large number of vehicles quickly and reduce congestion. Moreover, the ANPR system can be easily installed and replicated across different facilities.  

9. Reduces overhead costs

 The cost-effectiveness of the ANPR system is well-documented. The system reduces the need for manual workers, which significantly reduces the overhead costs. Besides, the logistics facilities do not have to maintain physical registers and invest in their proper storage. Companies will even save the expenses associated with training new workers. If you own the fleet, an efficient vehicle verification process can help reduce vehicle idling time as well.  

10. Fosters sustainability in logistics

At FleetRobo, we make sure our Logistic Process Automation solution pushes toward increased sustainability. We do that by reducing dependence on manual vehicle verification, which eventually leads companies to use less paper. As we eliminate paper-based logistics processes, we also ensure an efficient logistics operation that reduces vehicle idling and associated carbon emissions.  

Invest in logistics process automation 

Fact about growing ANPR market in Asia-Pacific

The ANPR system adoption across the world is increasing, making this the right time to invest in a Logistics Process Automation solution. Asia-Pacific is the fastest-growing market for ANPR and is estimated to reach an evaluation of $6B by 2030. This means your competitors will be implementing ANPR at their logistics facilities. 

Beat the competition and become an early adopter of the trend with FleetRobo’s Logistics Process Automation solution. Here’s what we further provide to your logistics facilities — 

  • Real-time monitoring and security compliance 
  • Automated vehicle verification 
  • Weighbridge automation 
  • Parking automation 
  • Complete Inbound/Outbound logistics management 
  • Intelligence-driven analytical reports, and more. 

Connect with our logistics process automation experts and learn how FleetRobo easily improves your company’s logistical efficiency and productivity.  

Final thoughts on benefits of ANPR systems

There you have it. We have shared everything you need to know about the Automatic Number Plate Recognition system, an essential part of the Logistics Process Automation solution. We shared how the ANPR system works and how it benefits any logistics facility.

Indeed, the ANPR technology can prove to be a massive addition to your logistics facility if you intend to boost surveillance, reduce congestion, improve technological integration, and ensure better decision-making and sustainability.

Couple it with other logistics and supply chain management solutions by FleetRobo, and you’ll be on the fastest route to a highly optimized and automated logistics facility. Did you find this post helpful? Stay tuned for more informative posts in the future. 

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