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Flowing Forward: A Deep Dive into Corporate Water Stewardship

Water stewardship

In a business landscape where corporate responsibility and sustainability are paramount, water, a cornerstone of environmental conservation, takes center stage. As the lifeblood of our planet, water not only sustains ecosystems and nourishes communities but also fuels industries across diverse…

SEBI’s ESG Push: India’s Surge in Corporate Disclosures

sebi's esg push

Recently, CareEdge Research has found that Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting by Indian corporates has improved significantly since 2020. The team has also found that the increase in ESG disclosures in India is due to the Securities and Exchange…

A Closer Look into India’s BRSR & ESG Reporting

a closer look into indias brsr and esg reporting

As India’s economy has flourished and industries have expanded, the country has witnessed a corresponding increase in carbon emissions. In fact, India ranked third globally in terms of carbon dioxide emissions in 2020. India is committed to reducing its carbon…