The Key to Theft-Free Logistics: Unveiling the Powerful Benefits of Digital Locks

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As a fleet manager, would a high-tech solution interest you if it could ensure secured cargo management with advanced encryption, robust materials, and GPS integration? If you are looking for a reliable solution that not only reduces theft risks but also comes with a user-friendly interface to optimise fleet operations, you have landed just on the right page. As you read through this post, you will come across the various practical benefits of digital locks, different types of digital locks, and how you can implement digital locks across your logistics operations. Let’s dive right into the content! 

What are Digital Locks? 

Digital Locks are mechanical and automated electronic locks that ensure secure, efficient, and streamlined cargo transportation and real-time GPS monitoring while eliminating the need for physical keys. These come with electronic security systems that make the most of code encryption, biometrics, and mobile technology to ensure tamper-proof locking/unlocking mechanisms for cargo containers and other supply chain vehicles.  

What are the benefits of Digital Locks? 

Now that you are well-acquainted with digital locks and their types, here you can read some of the most important benefits of digital locks —

1. Real-time remote cargo monitoring

Once you map the digital lock with a fleet vehicle, fleet managers can easily monitor the movement of the trucks and check if the fleet drivers use the predetermined route. Such remote monitoring and real-time visibility are possible with the help of GPS integration. In case drivers take a different route or if someone tampers with the locks, the digital lock solution triggers real-time alerts. 

  • Some of the different alerts and notifications triggered by digital lock solutions are lock string cut-off alarms, low battery alarms, and geofencing-related alerts. 
  • Real-time tracking helps obtain a fleet vehicle’s location, speed, ignition status, ETA, ETD, ATA, ATD, and more. 
  • Fleet managers can use real-time cargo monitoring to attain end-to-end visibility, unexpected vehicle stoppages, and timestamps for each lock/unlock event. 

2. Audit trail and accountability

The digital lock technology is all about accountability as fleet managers find it useful in recording locking/unlocking attempts, successful/unsuccessful entries, and more. Such data logging capabilities allow companies to create audit trails to figure out the specific times of lock/unlock events — making it easier to investigate security breaches and other incidents. For example, FleetRobo’s Digital Locks comes with a vehicle and trip dashboard that provides complete insights about fleet vehicles’ whereabouts and status.

3. Integration with IoT and Telematics

One of the key benefits of digital locks is their ability to efficiently integrate with existing business processes and logistics operations. Digital lock solutions, like from FleetRobo, can be installed across fleet vehicles, integrating them with tracking systems like GPS and RFID. This allows fleet managers to track the location and status of cargo more accurately. When integrated with the IoT and telematics ecosystem, they can achieve centralised monitoring, data analysis, and inter-vehicle/device/system communication.

4. Reduced risk and overhead

Since the major benefit of using digital locks is theft and pilferage prevention, the technology can help reduce financial risks and costs related to loss of cargo. At the same time, the fleet vehicles will not require human resources to monitor the container as the digital lock efficiently provides adequate real-time insights and alerts. Indeed, the cost of digital locks is higher than traditional locks. But, the risks associated with traditional lock usage across the logistics industry can cause major financial losses for your company over a long time. As they say, “prevention is better than cure.” 

5. Geofencing for enhanced security

Fleet managers can use the digital lock MIS dashboard to set the geofences and waypoints before starting a trip. Geofences are essentially GPS-based virtual geographic boundaries that can be coupled with response triggers. Digital locks come with geofencing allowing fleet managers to ensure the containers and locks are subject to authorised access.  

  • You can create geofences using the MIS dashboard to mark waypoints in order to receive instant in-out alerts. 
  • You can use circular or polygonal geo-fences to define the route. 
  • Fleet managers will receive real-time updates on all lock/unlock events happening in the geofences through cloud server push notifications. 
  • Geofencing can be customised to the customers’ specific requirements.  

 6. Leverages deterrent effect

The sheer complex (yet effective) nature of digital locks and their ability to track theft events makes it difficult for potential thieves to break into containers. The technology used in digital locks is so robust, they have to think twice before conducting theft. Integration with IoT and Telematics ensures a higher probability of being caught, which has had a deterrent effect on the thieves. For example, in case thieves plan to steal the fleet vehicle, the tampering alert and tracking systems on digital locks make it easier to locate and recover the stolen truck.

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7. Reporting helps with data-driven decision-making

Digital locks solution comes with a dedicated MIS dashboard that provides companies with real-time alerts and allows them to track their fleet vehicles on the move. The MIS dashboard ensures fleet managers have reports and insights about every lock/unlock and navigation-related event, for example, run reports, trip reports, geo-fence reports, lock/unlock reports, and more. The insights will help them make better decisions regarding vehicle routes, geofencing, and lock/unlock authorisation. 

8. Improved compliance

Maintaining industry regulations in India is a massive challenge since these regulations change frequently. This is one of the reasons why we highly recommend FleetRobo’s Digital Locks as these come with reliable technical support. The digital locks can be made to comply with the industry regulations and standards to improve security and access control. Moreover, excise authorities across the country will eventually standardize digital lock implementation citing the increasing number of cargo thefts. Thus, investing in digital locks can help fleet managers gain a competitive edge, stay committed to increased security, and mitigate non-compliance-related risks — achieving all this while keeping costs low.

9. Authorised unlocking and lock tamper detection

Companies using traditional locks across their fleet experience more pilferages and thefts as these have mechanical locks that can be overridden using force. They don’t have any trigger system to alert fleet managers. With sensor-driven digital locks, fleet managers can track tampering and unauthorised access. Any effort to break into the cargo container can be detected and reported. 

  • Digital locks use SMS, Bluetooth/WiFi connection, RFID, keypad, biometric, and web/mobile application (remote access) or a combination of these unlock methods to ensure authorised unlocking. 
  • Fleet managers can rest assured that digital locks will be opened within the designated geofence.  
  • Attempts to force open triggers alert in the MIS dashboard. 

10. Increased customisation and flexibility

When it comes to offering access control flexibility, digital locks are second to none. Fleet managers prefer them as they help them customise access permissions based on roles, schedules, and other conditional working constraints. Moreover, they can customise the digital lock solutions as per their companies and specific requirements.  Fleet managers can customize digital lock’s functionalities considering constraints like battery status, trip size/duration, lock/unlock events, and more. All this results in efficient digital lock access management. 

11. Competitive advantage

This is a massive benefit of using digital locks. A huge percentage of your competition might not have adopted such technologically advanced solutions. Introducing digital locks not only showcases your commitment to security and innovation but also makes you a reliable logistics company that other brands can bank on. With digital locks like GPS E-Locks and Fixed Locks, you are bound to attract more customers and convert lucrative business opportunities. 

12. Future-proofing (a major benefit of digital locks)

Locks used across logistics and transportation industries are evolving and will continue to get better. Investing in digital locks will make it easier for you to future-proof your logistic company to stay ahead of the industry trends, adapt to new security threats, and make better strategic business decisions.  

Should you invest in digital locks in India? 

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In India, cargo theft is prevalent and almost all logistics companies are wary of it. However, they fail to curb cargo theft citing a lack of proper preventive measures. For example, back in 2022, a container truck carrying mobile phones was looted in Madhya Pradesh’s Sagar district. The loot was estimated to be worth Rs. 12 crore. Another recent example of cargo theft comes from Dronagiri, where goods worth a whopping Rs. 85.6 lakh were missing. The stolen goods contained high-value wearables. We can mention more and more examples of cargo theft in India, but as a company that has successfully prevented cargo theft, we decide to focus on solving the problem through our Digital Locks. Connect with our digital lock and cargo safety expert to understand how FleetRobo can help you keep your cargo safe at all times! 

Final thoughts on the benefits of Digital Locks! 

There you have it. We have shared everything you need to know about the benefits of digital locks for logistics. In this post, we helped you understand the basics of digital locks, their different types, and how their implementation benefits the supply chain. But, that’s not it. As the digital locks technology evolves, its integration with your existing logistics operation will become much more efficient and profitable. However, we highly recommend you jump on the trend and become an early adopter if you’re eying market domination. So, ditch the traditional locks and empower your fleet with world-class digital locks. Stay tuned for more informative posts in the blog. 

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