Factors for Choosing an ZATCA Compliant E-Invoicing Software

ZATCA Compliant E-Invoicing Software

E-invoicing in Saudi Arabia is all the rage today. And why not? The results after the official implementation of e-invoicing have been amazing. With enterprises and businesses getting so many benefits out of the new system, it’s a hit. So, what’s the problem, you might be wondering? Well, the natives are still struggling to find the right fit for their business models, and many still don’t understand the digital processes too well. Especially while choosing ZATCA Compliant E-Invoicing Software.

For people in Saudi Arabia, digitising finances and transactions is still a new concept. Top it up with e-invoicing being a compulsory norm, confusion is bound to occur. So, how do you navigate these challenges? One proven way is by choosing the correct e-invoicing service provider or e-invoicing software in Saudi that is the right fit for your organisation.

This blog is dedicated to mitigating all potential hiccups you are facing while choosing the right  ZATCA Compliant E-Invoicing Software or e-invoicing service provider in Saudi Arabia.

It’s time to get into the nitty-gritty while selecting your e-invoicing software, and we have a list of factors to consider while you make the right decision.

ERP Integration with Your System/ POS – The Big One

E-invoicing, in principle, is the issuance and transfer of financial information/ transaction details between the financial systems of a buyer and a seller. Additionally, many businesses use different financial systems for suppliers, customers or amongst various markets. If so, you should ensure all systems are covered during the integration process. Here, one more aspect is the transfer of e-invoice to the ZATCA portal for validations/ clearance.

All this is impossible unless your system/ POS is integrated with supporting APIs. What an API does is, it connects your ERP system with that of your stakeholders, like vendors or buyers, and that of the ZATCA portal. So, this becomes the first requirement you need to check off while searching for ZATCA compliant e-invoicing software/ solution.

Software That’s Compliant with Local legislation and Standards

For Saudi Arabia’s government, the e-invoicing mandate in KSA has the capacity to bring a digital transformation. Alongside this, they emphasise the promotion of transparency and process standardisation scope that the mandate holds. However, for laymen, the biggest challenges lie in the disharmony of infrastructures, standards, and requirements. Also, the growing amendments create further hustles.

In this reference, an e-invoice service provider in Saudi Arabia or ZATCA compliant e-invoicing software that adapts to changes and automatically implements them is imperative. Especially considering that e-invoicing is so new for the taxpayer, keeping up with all changes is daunting. If your software handles such legalities, you’ll be sorted to concentrate on your business expertise.

Supplier Portals

Many larger companies provide portals where suppliers must upload invoices when doing business with them. This can pose a problem for suppliers, primarily if several clients use their own variant. To bridge the gap between these technologies, you need a solution or a ZATCA compliant e-invoicing software that speaks to as many portals as possible. You should be able to use your e-invoicing system without spending time adapting invoices to specific customers. To those means, it is key that integration be a possibility between portals.

An Interoperable Software – Closed and Open Networks

There are different e-invoicing networks in the world today. Just like how there are many phone operators, similarly the e-invoicing space has many networks. So, the question arises – are you able to connect with the networks without a hitch?

For example, when you dial a number from your network, no matter which operator the receiver uses, you are able to connect. The same interoperability function should apply to an e-invoice transfer.

However, looking at the current scenario, this interoperability is not yet established. Right now, we see most e-invoicing networks are closed and cannot effectively handle information outside their own network.

As a result, Business 1, using Network A, is likely unable to connect to Business 2, using Network B. This is an indicator of an immature market.

So, for a ZATCA compliant e-invoicing software that’s interoperable or connected with other networks in the market, it is a must for smooth operations.

An e-invoicing service provider’s open network capability is instrumental in linking businesses across disparate networks. It fosters efficient communication across multiple platforms. This also facilitates broader connectivity, enabling users to engage with a more extensive array of businesses compared to closed network environments.

Moreover, an open network not only enhances business outreach but also facilitates seamless integration with government platforms and standardised frameworks such as Peppol. This interoperability empowers businesses to smoothly run invoicing processes and adapt to evolving regulatory requirements with greater ease and efficiency.

Is It Just Meant For Invoicing?

Well, e-invoices are just a small fish that’s a part of the big pond called compliance. Understand that, eventually, all compliance procedures are bound to make the big switch. That’s from being traditional to digital. Now, if your e-invoicing software provider has a global presence and is providing complete compliance solutions for other customers, then that’s a plus. Because eventually, when the need arises, your ZATCA compliant e-invoicing software will cater to your other compliance needs as well. And this will happen more smoothly because by then, you’ll be well-versed in your platform and its interface.

Catering To Your Archival Needs

So, now that you want to create and share e-invoices with your stakeholders in Saudi Arabia, what happens to your historical data? Well, you can get access to that and much more. Make sure you choose software that has the technology to store and archive data for at least 6 years in Saudi Arabia.


On a regular day, a business deals with around 1000s of transactions and the e-invoices are generated and shared for the same. So, if you get stuck with software that can’t handle these transactions, you are doomed to suffer. Always choose technology that’s futuristic and can help you accommodate much more than your status quo.

It should have the capacity for better performance and should never compromise on uptime, so your operations are always on.


With the world going digital, automated processes are the new normal. Automation technology has improved efficiencies, brought a competitive edge in the market, and removed the manuality of document handling and distribution processes.

This results in fewer or no errors in all e-invoices and subsequent debit notes and credit notes. Additionally, automation leads to less time consumption while operations. So, a ZATCA compliant e-invoicing software that automates the e-invoicing processes for your finance teams is the best bet.

VATrobo – Futuristic Sofware Technology For E-Invoicing in Saudi Arabia

We’ve covered many factors that play a pivotal role in choosing the ideal software technology and service provider in Saudi Arabia for e-invoicing. Now, the question is whether there is software that can deliver all the major points discussed and help your business perform better. Incorporating VATrobo – a ZATCA compliant e-invoicing software for e-invoicing (fatoora) in Saudi Arabia offers a range of distinct advantages.

1. Adapt to Legislation Changes & Standards

Firstly, VATrobo’s adherence to Saudi Arabia’s legislation and standards ensures secure and unhindered compliance with the changing regulations and guidelines of ZATCA. This includes covering all the necessities, like auto-generating UUID, invoice counter value, invoice hash, QR code, and converting e-invoices into XML format. The purpose of VATrobo software is to alleviate the burden of navigating complex legalities for taxpayers, whether enterprises or businesses.

2. Compatible with All ERPs

Furthermore, its integration capabilities with supplier portals enable effortless communication between businesses and their diverse clientele; minimising time spent adapting invoices to specific customer requirements.

3. Interoperable with All Networks

Additionally, VATrobo’s interoperable nature facilitates connectivity across various e-invoicing networks. It fosters broader business outreach and facilitates integration with government platforms, the ZATCA portal.

4. Futuristic & High Performing

Leveraging VATrobo’s futuristic technology not only manages invoicing processes better but also equips businesses with scalable solutions capable of accommodating increasing transaction volumes, whether in 1000s or lakhs. It ensures optimal performance and 99.98% uptime.

5. Truly Automated Solutions

Moreover, VATrobo features automation like auto uploading data in an invoice from Excel, adding the invoice data via interface and automating the data integration process. This enhances the efficiency of finance teams by reducing manual errors and streamlining document handling. The software empowers finance teams to focus on strategic initiatives.

6. Smart Reports

VATrobo provides intelligent reporting capabilities that offer valuable insights into financial data, helping businesses make informed decisions. These reports can analyse invoice data, track payment trends, and identify potential areas for optimisation.

7. Cash Flow Management

With VATrobo, a ZATCA compliant e-invoicing software, cash flow management is a breeze. Finance heads can gain better control and visibility over their finances. By tracking incoming and outgoing payments in real-time, businesses can optimise cash flow and mitigate liquidity risks. They can ensure financial stability and liquidity management by substantiating timely payments to vendors and suppliers.

8. Vendor Management

VATrobo simplifies vendor management processes by centralising vendor data. It facilitates better communication and automates routine tasks such as invoice processing and payment approvals. This reduces administrative overheads and strengthens vendor relationships, ultimately driving operational efficiency and cost savings.

9. Integrated with ZATCA

VATrobo is a ZATCA compliant e-invoicing software. Our software is seamlessly integrated with ZATCA’s system, ensuring compliance and efficiency in e-invoicing processes. Leveraging ZATCA’s APIs integrated into our system, our platform facilitates real-time communication with the ZATCA system, enabling swift generation and verification of e-invoices within seconds.

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The Future is Digital

As the world becomes more digital, we’re able to remove clerical errors and increase efficiency with automated processes of e-invoicing software. By moving ahead to genuine system-to-system e-invoicing, businesses can reduce costs, increase visibility and provide a better service by ensuring that data is transmitted automatically, accurately and securely.

The introduction of new technologies has been a driving force behind digitalisation. The business benefits of efficiency and automation via a ZATCA compliant e-invoicing software have spearheaded the use of technology. However, as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s market and its businesses mature, we also see a wider spectrum of factors playing into the push for digitalisation, such as sustainability, security, compliance, control, resilience, and automation.

But one thing is certain: switching to digital e-invoicing is not only a compulsion now but also a key necessity. So, why not advance with a better technological solution to help businesses adapt quickly and grow faster?

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