Reasons Why Business Intelligence Solutions Fail?

The role of a powerful Business Intelligence tool implementation is imperative to the growth of any organization at the backdrop of the present business scenario. The primary responsibility of a BI tool is to offer a viable sneak peek into the future of the business. Nowadays, business organizations must keep themselves future ready to maintain the health of the organization. However, as it is, BI is like an ocean and a few drops of knowledge seem not enough to battle the wide range of complexities at work. Though various organizations walk the extra miles to ensure successful BI implementation, yet there are many others struggling to match their pace with the mixed bag of BI tools and eventually give in.



Let us delve further to understand what makes many successful business organizations to abandon their BI plans or implementations in mid-way.

Let us find the most compelling reasons to why can’t you learn BI well. Here we go:

1. Indistinct understanding of BI

The biggest individual failures come when you are not able to clearly define and understand the role of BI. Most people fail to differentiate between a good and bad BI solution. BI’s job is not only to point out what is happening but also to outline why is this happening? However, when you are unable to choose the right solution that is when you limit your knowledge and acceptance towards one of the most wonderful tools used in businesses today.

2. The wrong choice

There is a famous saying that appearances can be deceptive and thus one should never be judgmental about anything by just looking at it outwardly. People concerned with BI implementation often end up making the wrong choice and hence pick a BI tool that fails the very philosophy and meaning of its existence. Businesses more often than not end up falling for BI tools on the basis of their external appearances. Various organizations are trapped by outer packings like lucrative dashboards, simple BI implementation, and enticing company profiles, which are used as a selling point. The attractive packaging deceives them in gauging through the most important aspect of BI solution, its ability to decipher and dissect data into the minutest details within a few spontaneous clicks. The attractive packaging not only overshadows the primary purpose of BI tools but also clouds the minds into buying the wrong tool for their organization.

3. Investment in confusions & assumptions

Ever heard the term free lunches? Frankly, free lunch is a hypothetical phrase and in reality everything comes for a price including a good BI tool. Well, most of the time people concerned with BI implementation commit the mistake of investing in confusion rather than digging deeper into the tiniest bit of BI functionalities. Thus, people who believe in simply following orders without making any efforts to decode the solutions offered by the present BI tool, end up losing the knowledge battle. Such people land up investing more time in BI offerings that do little good to add value to their existing business setup. Also, they fail to alert their bosses about the need to migrate to a comprehensive BI offering, which certainly comes for a price and sans confusions and ambiguities. Lack of knowledge indeed implies a lack of confidence to take the big leap in starting something new!

Thus, the success of a BI implementation greatly rests with people authorized to handle the matter and their knowledge about BI and its overall implementation.

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