Simulation and Optimization using Crystal Ball

Crystal Ball is a spreadsheet-based analytical application which extend the power of spreadsheets for predictive modeling, simulation, forecasting, and optimization. More than 85 percent of fortune 500 use this simulation tool for solving critical problems and identify critical factor that affecting risk. One can make the right tactical decision to move forward to achieve a strategic target and get a clear picture under the most unpredictable time in market conditions.

Quick Glimpse:

A. Comprehensive risk analysis and optimization enables confident strategic and operational decisions.


B. Flexible Excel platform for risk analysis across any enterprise- assess financial, process, or product risks.


C. Seamless integration with Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Applications.


Immediate Benefits

Crystal Ball is a suite of Microsoft Excel-based application. People familiar with spreadsheet can easily work with this tool, as it add-in seamlessly by extending the analytical power of spreadsheet and compute all possible outcomes and records the results for analysis and reporting.

Adding Probability to Risk Calculation:

By assigning the probability of unknown factors by performing complex “what-if “ scenarios can be predicted through applying a range of values or a probability distribution to each uncertain variable.
The time-saving functionality of crystal ball alleviates the hassle of entering different scenarios over and over again.


  • Combined simulation forecasting and optimization: Calculate the best business results while considering uncertainty.
  • Monte Carlo Simulation: Quickly assign ranges of values to your inputs then forecast results with their probabilities.
  • Predictor: Analyze historical data with time-series forecasting and regression.
  • Sensitivity Analysis: Determine which input most drives risk and mitigates your risks.
  • Opt Quest: Automatically search for optimal solutions while documenting for uncertainty, and constraints.
  • Crystal Ball Tools: Includes: Data Analysis, Batch fit, Correlation Matrix, Tornado chart, Bootstrap, Decision Table, Scenario Analysis, and Two-Dimensional Simulation.

Key Benefits:

  • Because it is a spreadsheet application, It will be very easy to operate as it integrate as add-in with Microsoft Excel spreadsheet which most people can operate with much fuss.
  • Think in ranges and it will present the full picture in the face of an uncertain future.
  • Better communication through graphs, charts, and reports of your analysis results.
  • Sharing models and data with the team to get your work done faster.
  • Windows 8 and Microsoft Excel 2013 compatible.
  • Run simulation and optimization at a faster speed and get results quickly.

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