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Statistical Process & Statistical Quality Control

With Binary’s Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Statistical Quality Control system (SQC), you get processes of higher efficiency with improved quality levels. These form the foundation of process improvement giving you a competitive advantage.

In SPC or Statistical Process Control, we make use of statistical practices to examine a process so that suitable actions can be taken to ensure the level of quality. This can include improving overall productivity, streamlining the process, preventing defects to occur or improving customer service.

SQC or Statistical Quality Control System on the other hand, allows quality auditors to create a complete record of defects which enables them to maintain quality at all levels of a particular process. The data is maintained on the system and is updated with the latest information regularly.

SPC & SQC applications are powerful methods with different goals but essential for the success of a process. Their benefits are being recognized by companies globally. They make it easy to identify any defects as soon as they occur that might be hampering the production process. It gives accurate information and quicker feedback for faster action and refined output. It reduces variations and ultimately the costs.

Based on SPC & SQC appropriate actions are determined to produce the desired quality without over-controlling the process. Furthermore, it can lead to finding out problems in the traditional methods which might help you decide to go for an up gradation for better response.

The implementation of both these process in your organization ensure that you work smarter with better qualitative results required by your customers.

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