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Statistical Analysis

Statistical Analysis helps determine the worth and the success of your website. Just like the worth of your business is determined by the sale of products, the value of a website is judged by statistical analysis.

It involves a mathematical analysis and collection of relevant data which is converted into useful information to reach decisions pertaining to the success of the website. Predictions are often made based on the analysis. Also critical decisions are taken for the improvement and development of the company’s website. In some cases, marketing plans are initiated according to the statistical analysis for better results and business leads.

Statistical Analysis supports intelligent decision making process which in turn enhances business. Decisions like improving overall capabilities and methods to increase profits through websites.

Detailed reports are prepared by our expert team giving an analysis of the daily traffic visiting your website. This includes segregating quality traffic and unique visitors from the general. A report of the numbers of clicks and the pages visited is prepared. A visitor’s summary can also be monitored showing his navigation on your website.

Reports are also on the number of times a particular page has been viewed and how much time has been spent on the page. The number of requests and downloads can also be monitored. The region and the domain of the visitor can also be judged. All this information is accurate enough for you to take important decisions for future progress. It helps judge the return on investment for SEO.

Being experts in online marketing for decades now, our team goes a step ahead and suggests you ways to improve your website and the effective online marketing plans that you can initiate for better response from your customers.

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