Data Sourcing & Updation for a leading Company

Client Profile
The Client is one of the world’s leading company in web space having presence all around the world and providing end to end solution of customer’s online search across the globe.

Challenge/Campaign Requirement
The client has a large number of databases of business entities and wanted to add more listings to meet end user’s requirement. The new listings need to be classified to facilitate user search. The uniqueness of a business entity has to be ensured.

The next level of this project involves data mining and verification of an entity’s credentials with optimum quality.

The Scope of Binary semantics engagement included:

  • The binary team proposed a well-defined step-wise process to source the new entities by minimizing/eliminating the duplicity.
  • Use of drop-down menus decreased the data entry workload and enhanced overall productivity.
  • Development of new tools to increase efficiency.
  • Screening of data on an ongoing basis.
  • The criticality of process mandated multiple verification levels. The design included:
    • Data uniqueness check at capture time
    • Sampling for quality verification