Knowledge Management System

Our Client is ranked amongst Top Indian Business Houses. It is a conglomerate of over 12 companies, has 45 years of manufacturing history and is today a US $ 4 Billion Group. Various Lines of Business are – Automobile Manufacturing, Real estate, Financial Services, Information Technology Enabled Services, Consulting & Advisory, Integrated Learning & Education Business.

Over the period, vast amount of knowledge and information resource in the form of reports, records and documents has been created internally as well as acquired from various associates, partners and institutions etc. All this resource and knowledge is available in the form of electronic and physical documents. The electronic documents are stored in individual manager/ offcial’s Laptop/ PCs.

This has resulted in:

  • Distributed storage of documents and information,
  • Lack of centralized and updated information on what all documents are available and where and
  • Information redundancy, at times (same document stored in multiple PCs).

As the knowledge generation and its access needs are growing at a very fast pace, a strong need was felt to have an efficient and secure Knowledge Management System in place.

The client invited Binary Semantics in order to design and develop the Knowledge Management System.

Considering the sheer number of Companies, and the respective Divisions/Strategic Business Units/Departments etc., the proposed system had to be highly secure and flexible in nature and at the same time simple to use and manage.