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Temporary Social Networking

The Client

Our client is the first ever temporary social network for hotels, designed to connect the current guest to other fellow guests, the hotel staff, and to a live feed of what is happening in the hotel or city - either within the one hotel or across multiple hotels within the vicinity.

Hotels globally are joining this temporary social network as it allows them to build closer relationships with their guests and gives them the ability to offer promotions directly in the lobby, via the in-room TV and to their guests’ mobile devices. This Social Network will soon be available in hundreds of thousands of rooms globally.

The Challenge

Our Client has tied up with major hotel chains in Europe to provide services to Hotel Guests. It enables them to do networking with in the hotel and between all the city hotels. Guest can see all the deals, events, messages and guests of that hotel lobby and connect themselves with those. Some of the key challenges were: -

  • Content management (Showing posts, events, deals etc.)
  • Image management (Large number of image loading)
  • Automatic Updates
  • Integration with Web server and Web services
  • Network Handling Efficiency
  • Single application for every range of Android devices

The Solution

Binary Semantics developed an Android App to provide networking platform to Guests. The App is aimed to give them maximum benefit to them during their stay in hotel. Hotel Guest can interact about Deals & Events with number of other Guests and also interact in online lobby related to business. Guests can interact in a more sophisticated way and it is all temporary as after leaving, hotel guest can’t connect to that network.


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