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Translation Services

The Client

Our client is the search engine giant in the world, who handles more than three billion searches in a single day. Our Client provides more than 20 exclusive search features including synonyms, weather forecasts, time zones, stock quotes, maps, earthquake data, movie show times, airports, home listings, and sports scores, beyond the original word-search capability. Our Client has created an ecosystem where information access has become lot easier. To break the language barriers, our client has also started offering search results in local languages. Moreover it offers language translation of displayed pages on World Wide Web.

The Challenge

Our Client has a challenge to provide billion and trillion of data in local languages and for the same it required translation for a continuous period. Since our client is the search engine giant, so the quality expectation is so high that even a single mistake could be proven fatal. Moreover, the turnaround time is quite short to complete the TEP (Translation, Editing and Proof Reading) cycle and deliver the quality with 0% defect, which means 100% quality.

Our client approached us for translation of content into local languages - Bengali, Kannada, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati and Telugu expecting it to be in such a way that the user can understand it easily, completely and the meaning is conveyed 100%.

The Solution

We deployed a team of skilled professionals with expertise in local languages to work with short TEP (Translation, Editing and Proof Reading) cycle to deliver quality translation services with 0% defect, which means 100% quality. The key features of our localization services were:


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