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Every epoch brings with it a new set of requirements for enterprises that operate inside it. Within a decade, the focus of the company has shifted from assets to commerce, and now to the consumer. Rapid technological and consumer innovation is forcing businesses to become more intuitive, flexible, and transparent – in other words, more Digital. Digital revolution is altering corporate structures and procedures, making them more customer-focused. Data is the fuel for this change, and it is enabling insight-led competitive differentiation.

Enterprises can benefit from digital transformation in the following ways:

  • Provide high-touch convergence experiences that are insightful and data-driven.
  • Increase operational efficiency and Revenue.
  • Increase workforce productivity and creativity.
  • Costs and risks optimization.
  • Form stronger alliances via close-knitted teamwork.

Digital change, on the other hand, might be difficult. Binary Semantics products and solutions allows enterprises to achieve Digital transformation through unique, interoperable and data insight-led approach. In this approach, we evaluate strategy & objectives, as well as value chains and transformation facilitators.

How Our XaaS Platforms Support Digital Transformation


  • Chatbots and voice assistants for secure and easy to use Conversational AI.
  • Deliver, Policy & Claim updates via commonly used Messaging/Social Media Platforms.
  • Quick claim processing via AI-powered software.
  • Potential lead conversions via Lead Capturing.


  • Optimized route directions using Machine Learning.
  • Smart Analysis; identify potential problems and resolve them beforehand.
  • Maintain excellent fleet vehicle health with Predictive Maintenance.
  • Real-time vehicle and driver Monitoring using AI software.
  • Our e-lock is an intelligent GPS lock device that helps in tracking assets
  • Get live fuel level updates with location and vehicle status.


  • Smart Dashboard for grouping all the actionable insights at one place.
  • E-Way Bill and E-Invoicing Automation for quick generation.
  • Vendor/Buyer Communication System to communicate GST compliance related information.
  • AI-enabled reconciliation for claiming 100% accurate input tax credit.

Integration Solutions

  • Backend database development and cleansing for cloud applications.
  • Data Validation & Acquisition.
  • AADHAAR powered biometric attendance system for Government & Corporate enterprises.
  • Pre-designed tablet devices for hassle-free integration with AADHAAR linked services.
  • Security auditing of enterprise cloud applications for vulnerability assessment.
  • Vulnerability patching to resolve security flaws at all severity levels.
  • Advanced data analytics solutions can help enhance your productivity.