Environmental, Social, and Governance: Empowering Businesses to Lead with Purpose

ESG is not just a hot topic but also a transformative force for industries and societies. It will increasingly shape industry discussions, promoting fairness, inclusivity, reliability, safety, transparency, privacy, and traceability. Embracing ESG technology will be crucial for future enterprise success.

SEBI mandates Business Responsibility and Sustainability Reporting (BRSR) for the top 1000 listed businesses. Overcoming carbon accounting challenges is essential to meet ESG and sustainability standards, which starts with accurate measurement of emissions. Achieving a comprehensive understanding of your company's impact requires the integration of Sustainability + Analytics.

FigBytes sustainability + analytics platform enables audit-proof and transparent monitoring and reporting of sustainability initiatives.

Here are some key solutions that FigBytes offer:

Accelerate the ESG transition with FigBytes

We are driven to deliver sustainable financial & social value to build a better world.

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors are vital in evaluating the inability and ethical impact of investments, driving us towards a low-carbon, sustainable, & equitable future. Shockingly, research reveals that major global companies are veering towards a >3°C warming scenario, having achieved only 7% of the necessary emissions reductions by 2025 to meet the Paris Agreement goals. Moreover, a mere 49% of their revenues come from activities supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Sustainable development entails pursuing economic growth alongside the well-being of our planet and its inhabitants. By integrating ESG factors into decision-making, we strive for a thriving world where economic progress seamlessly aligns with ecological responsibility and social justice. Recognizing the urgency, we are convening leading practitioners to share practical solutions and personal insights, diving deep into three crucial themes: measuring progress, achieving net-zero emissions, and enhancing transparency.

Together, we can take meaningful action and drive positive change in our quest for a sustainable future.

FigBytes platform helps you automate and manage your entire sustainability program, for carbon accounting. With FigBytes we have created our value chain to drive radical trust and transparency.

Future-Focused Sustainability is our Primary Purpose

The demand for ESG data and reporting is relentless. Sustainability leaders must quickly adapt to comply with new regulations, frameworks, & internal KPIs. Without the right tools, the reporting burden can overwhelm even the most experienced sustainability professional, leaving little time for strategy and action. FigBytes’ reporting tools take the guesswork out of compliance and deliver insights that help you create a more sustainable future..

With FigBytes, customers around the globe have been able to:

Save time and resources with automated reporting to global frameworks including BRSR, GRI, CDP, SASB, UN SDGs, and TCFD.
Now you can easily create, manage, and report on custom KPIs.
Adapt and comply with mandatory reporting requirements.

While social awareness plays a significant role, financial performance also remains a key purpose of ESG valuation. The reason for this is simple: when a company’s ESG score goes up, its capital costs reduce, and the company valuation improves. As a result, more investors pull up and larger pools of capital become available. In other words, ESG performance is becoming a sort of sustainability credit rating for companies and their investors.

What do we offer?

On the road to a sustainable future

Simplify carbon accounting with our long-standing commitment to build solution focused software to create an impact

An Integrated One-Stop Digital Platform Catering to Sustainability Needs

Solve a wide range of ESG challenges with tools that seamlessly scale with your sustainability programs.

Unify sustainability by turning information into ESG insights with Figbytes

Streamline Data – Capture and manage data across the organization

Reporting with confidence – Turn complex data into actionable insights

Simplify Strategy - Bring your strategy to life and support it with real data

  • Interactive strategy maps
  • Integrated scorecards
  • Materiality assessments

Engagement – Go from static, outdated sustainability reports to dynamic communication tools

Let’s Talk Sustainability

Ready to evolve your ESG program or sustainability reporting? Learn how the FigBytes platform can help your organization better align strategy, integrate ESG data, automate reporting, and engage stakeholders.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is ESG important for companies?

ESG is important for a variety of reasons, from responding to investor pressure and managing financial risks, to reducing costs and waste and improving public relations. Every company contends with ESG issues and neglecting them can significantly increase the risk of experiencing negative incidents or controversies.

What Is ESG Reporting?

Consider creating a performance dashboard to report your ESG targets and metrics. A successful ESG dashboard will be a snapshot of status and trends over time, show performance against defined targets, and encourage dialogue about progress towards goals.

Providing a regular report to your board, on a quarterly or biannual basis, will help you to monitor progress and continue to refine your goals as your ESG strategy matures.

Many organizations also develop narrative ESG reports detailing their data, efforts, outcomes, targets, and other relevant information.

ESG reports can be powerful communication tools for your staff, board, investors, the public, and other stakeholders. They demonstrate transparency and awareness that your organization’s operational and business goals are in service of your values.

What is material ESG issues?

Material ESG issues (MEIs) are business issues related to environmental, social, and governance factors that may have a measurable impact on financial performance. Many of the risks associated with these issues can be managed with effective ESG practices.

Material ESG issues may fall under these topics:

Corporate governance

Access to basic services

Bribery and corruption

Business ethics

Data privacy and security

Emissions, effluents, and waste

Carbon (from your own operations and from your products and services)

Impact of products and services

Human rights (in your own operations and in your supply chain)

Human resources

What are the benefits of an ESG strategy?

By putting in place an ESG strategy, companies and their stakeholders can enjoy a range of valuable benefits, including improving investor and public relations, managing risk, reducing costs, and enhancing financial performance. The following questions will look at just a few of the broad benefits of incorporating ESG practice into your business.

How can ESG improve investor relations?

Implementing an effective ESG program can improve investor relations in various ways. On a basic level, an ESG program requires good communication with investors to understand their needs and to share your progress. Moreover, investors, especially asset owners and asset management institutions, now expect to see corporate ESG policies and practices across the spectrum of environmental, social, and governance issues.

Can an ESG strategy improve financial performance?

There is a growing body of research showing that ESG practices can lead to better financial performance and increased shareholder value.

How is FigBytes a true one-stop ESG Solution Platform?

FigBytes is a true one-stop ESG solution that is designed with precision and hosted on the cloud, it serves as a centralized hub for strategy, data management, regulatory reporting, and stakeholder engagement, effortlessly bridging the gaps in sustainability challenges. But that's not all - it goes above and beyond by providing comprehensive solutions for climate accounting, water stewardship, and invaluable ESG insights. Simplify your ESG efforts and experience the power of FigBytes, the all-in-one solution that leaves no stone unturned.

Does FigBytes support Scope 3 Emission Calculations?

Yes, FigBytes provides support for Scope 3 emission calculations. Scope 3 emissions refer to indirect greenhouse gas emissions that occur in the value chain of an organization, including activities such as purchased goods and services, transportation and distribution, waste disposal, and employee commuting. FigBytes allows users to collect and track data related to these Scope 3 emissions, calculate their carbon footprint, and generate reports to understand the environmental impact of their value chain. This enables organizations to gain a comprehensive understanding of their emissions and make informed decisions to reduce their carbon footprint throughout their entire supply chain.

Does FigBytes support BRSR reporting?

Yes, FigBytes provides comprehensive support for BRSR (Business Responsibility and Sustainability Reporting) reporting. BRSR is a reporting framework that focuses on the disclosure of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance by companies. FigBytes offers the necessary features and functionalities to effectively collect, analyze, and report on ESG data in alignment with the BRSR guidelines. This includes capturing relevant metrics, generating reports, and ensuring compliance with BRSR reporting requirements. With FigBytes, organizations can streamline their BRSR reporting processes, enhance transparency, and effectively communicate their sustainability performance to stakeholders.

Does FigBytes provide Real Time Dashboard support?

Absolutely! FigBytes provides robust support for real-time dashboards, catering to the intricate landscape of ESG and sustainability. Through streamlined data automation and captivating visual representations of real-time data and analytics, it simplifies the entire process. From aligning strategies and collecting data to generating reports and facilitating communication, FigBytes offers a cohesive digital platform that unifies every aspect of your ESG journey.

Can the platform be Customizable?

Yes, the FigBytes platform offers a high degree of customization to meet the unique needs and preferences of organizations. Users can tailor various aspects of the platform to align with their specific requirements, including data collection, reporting templates, analytics, and visualizations.

Does the platform support companies/industries across all sectors?

Certainly! The FigBytes platform can be customized to cater to the business needs of companies and industries across all sectors. FigBytes flexible and adaptable ecosystem can accommodate the diverse needs and requirements of organizations, regardless of their industry or sector.