1Who needs to stay GST compliant?
very person who is registered under GST needs to stay GST compliant. Non-compliance to any of the GST provisions will attract severe consequences such as penalties and interest.
2What is E-invoicing?
E-invoicing or electronic invoicing is the system where the invoice is prepared as per the schema or format prescribed in rule 48(4) of CGST rules (Form GST INV-01) is uploaded on the Invoice Registration Portal (IRP) to obtain Invoice Reference Number (IRN).
3What is EWay-Bill?
E-Way Bill is an electronic way bill generated for the movement of goods where value of consignment is more than Rs. 50000. E-Way Bill has 2 components Part A containing details of consigner and consignee, delivery address, invoice number and date, HSN code, amount and value of goods, and Part B –comprising of transportation details transport document number and Vehicle number in case of road.
4What is GST?
Goods and Services Tax (GST) is an indirect tax that has replaced existing 17 taxes, such as VAT, Octroi, Sales Tax, Service Tax, and Excise Duty, and so forth. Under GST the state in which goods or/and services are consumed receives the revenue unlike the old tax structure, where the state of origin received tax revenue.

1Why Should You Go for A SIM based Tracking Solution for Your Fleets?
In recent times, many of the corporate are relying much on the Market Aggregated Vehicles, so as to less burden their liabilities. But, gaining real-time insights for the market aggregated fleet has become a cumbersome process for many industries. A Sim Based Tracking Solution helps the organization to track the market aggregated fleet in the most efficient and economical way and thus cater to these growing concern.
2Is Container Tracking a Real Challenge?
In the transportation’s course of goods from one place to another, the traditional way to get in touch with the driver about cargo updates is a sham for a majority of the time. We are always here to take all your worries on us and provide you with the best-in-class IoT solutions that not only lessen your worries but provide you with the ease of tracking.

1How VISoF technology is helping insurance industry?
VISoF is a powerful cloud platform that combines Customer Experience, Design Thinking, and Conversational UI to empower insurance companies to redefine their customer engagement with intuitive, personalized, and insightful products. The platform is built with the newest technology at its core—making it the foundation for lasting innovation in insurance technology.

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