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Fleet Robo – Fleet Management Solutions

Automobiles are the vital cogs of progress that literally keep the world in motion. Hence their utilization becomes of paramount importance, especially when they are used as shared resources in public and corporate transportation systems. And, the need for efficient Fleet Management is primary objective to make sure that the transported entities (people or goods) reach their destination via the optimal route considering geo-fencing, way point setup, restricted areas, traffic alerts etc. thus enhancing the shelf-life of the vehicle as well as saving time, money and efforts.

Fleet Robo (Product of Binary Semantics) aims at curtailing the day-to-day challenges dealt by fleet operators in managing operational processes so as to make it more manageable, productive and hassle - free. The resilience as well as the agility of Fleet Robo suite of end-to-end fleet management solutions makes it indispensable for every transport & logistics organization that aspires to dominate the competition with razor-sharp technological edge.

Fleet Management Software and Customizable Solutions :-

We understand the core components of the Fleet management that vary depending upon the different type of businesses. For instance, the passenger feedback is of prime importance in case of a car rental service but not so much in case of a truck service where the timely and safe delivery of the raw materials to the construction site triumphs all other concerns. The customization of fleet management framework ensures that the engaged vehicles adhere to the main requirements of the enterprise and is able to contribute more into the annual turnover without exhausting its resources on trivial tasks.

Salient Features of Fleet Robo – E2E Fleet Management Solutions:-

Benefits of Our Fleet Robo – Fleet Management Solutions:-

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Nowadays, the incorporation of latest gizmos, embedded hardware’s and software technologies, Software Applications and Mobile Apps into Fleet Management processes helps the fleet managers in attaining all the relevant information about Driver, vehicle and customer’s whereabouts round the clock in a hassle free in minimum time, thus increasing efficiency and productivity. Learn more the benefits of Fleet Management from the experience of leading Automotive OEM of India.


Real Time Vehicle tracking, Geo – fencing, Route optimization, vehicle Alerts etc. are few such important components that creates a virtual frontier around an actual geographical location and sends the update of every single entry and exit immediately to the concerned authorities. This technological feat comes quite handy while tracking the transportation process of one or many trucks simultaneously since the dispatcher will get notified as soon as the driver deviates from the original route. The 24X7 information access through Vehicle tracking Smartphone Apps for Android and iPhone along with actionable MIS reports give value to the Fleet Owners. Read More about Fleet Robo – Vehicle Tracking Smartphone App at


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