Fleetrobo’s Cold Chain Solution provides companies with a powerful new way to collect, analyze and use data. As the industry for IoT devices expands, so does Fleetrobo’s innovative cold chain solution for fleet management. The Fleetrobo’s Solution makes it easy for food and retail companies to track their perishable goods from truck to shelf –and beyond—using smart devices, in-transit refrigeration, and real-time monitoring. Connecting trucks and back-end software gives you more visibility than ever before.

Fleet management requires a track and trace solution for the full range of temperature-controlled vehicles. Our cold chain solution with its intuitive app is a powerful way to

Improve Driver
Faster Delivery
of Products

Some of the star feature that makes our cold chain solution stand apart:

  • It is designed to provide cold chain support for clients and help them avoid costly food spoilage.
  • It is customizable that allows different combinations of temperature probes and cold chains to be deployed in your fleet.
  • It provides temperature information and regulates the refrigeration temperature of your refrigerated vehicle, optimizing your cold chain to fit your business needs.

This Cold Chain Solution helps refreshen the refrigerated units that are constantly on the go. Engineered from performance-proven HFC refrigerants, Fleetrobo provides year-round cooling in driving conditions and temperatures commonly encountered by fleet vehicles.

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