The strength of employees working in this industry is expanding in tandem with the revolution in technology and the rise of the business sector. Almost all organizations in this industry provide transportation to their employees so that they can get to work and back, safely and on time. The key issues that these organizations confront are route planning for planned pick-up and drop-off of employees, employee attendance tracking, and informing each employee of the cab's present location.

FleetRobo® delivers a state-of-the-art Employee Transport Management Solution to make this complicated and dynamic operation of Employee Transportation a breeze. Our Employee Transportation Management Solution is capable of providing the following benefits:

Native Applications

Using user-friendly applications, you can ensure a smooth journey for your employees.

Auto Dispatch & Routing

These features allow for the most efficient use of resources, lowering costs and improving profits.

Trip Specific Details

Trip information such as driving profile, pick-up & drop-off locations, and car number is exchanged.


Capture real-time GPS coordinates of your employee to manage them better.

Button for Emergencies

During an emergency, you may activate a panic alarm directly from the app.

Bookings on the Spot

Unplanned travel requests are possible.

Timings and Routes

Employees can review permitted routes, stops, and timings.

Trip Check-in

With a QR code-based check-in, employees may confirm that they are onboard a ride.

Tracking of Vehicles

Real-time tracking of the assigned vehicle on a map, complete with an exact ETA.

Alerts and Notifications

Employees are kept informed of key information, such as vehicle changes, through timely alerts.

Help & Assistance

Allow employees to effortlessly contact your transportation assistance desk.

Our employee transportation management solution is adaptable to handle a variety of employee transportation scenarios, such as:

  • Regular office commute
  • Night Shifts
  • Clientele meetings
  • Cabs for women
  • Ad-hoc Bookings
  • Passenger transportation services
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Elevate your employee transportation management experience to the next level with our ETMS