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With FleetRobo®, you can get next-generation full-stack IoT-enabled Telematics solutions that track, analyze, and report on activities in real-time on both, the web and mobile platforms. We are a client-focused organization that provides effective customized solutions for our clients based on their business needs.

We are capable of integrating with all of your existing enterprise software stacks. FleetRobo® integration is extremely scalable and can seamlessly interact with numerous platforms to provide a unified multichannel experience using our custom-built APIs and Webhooks.

FleetRobo® can interact with your

  • Inventory Management System
  • Warehouse Management System
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Financial Software
  • Multi-Brand GPS Trackers
  • Mobile Applications
  • Legacy Systems
fleetrobo api integrations

We remove all of the complexity from fleet management tasks. Manage your costs, manage your trips, and make your employees accountable. You may receive an overview of all your fleet-related information by using some of our interactive and dynamic APIs and webhooks.

Want to know how multiple FleetRobo® API integrations will help you manage the fleet operation?