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GST, E-way Bill & E-Invoicing Software, Solutions and APIs

Binary Semantics is an authorized GST Suvidha Provider and SDA backed by Good and Service Tax Network, providing GST and E-way Bill services under its brand GSTroboTM – a SaaS platform.

GSTroboTM offers one among the best solution for technological challenges facilitating GST e-invoice creation, return filing, comparison reports, reconciliation, ledger balances, tax payments etc. Our web platform bequeaths taxpayers to start with all GST compliances in a quick, secure and user-friendly way. The automation of tax by GSTroboTM assists you in synchronizing GST system and ERP system very smoothly.

We are here for providing versatile and quick GST, E-way Bill, E-Invoice software, applications and APIs with seamless ERP integration subsuming all the solutions. This all helps in timely, correct and uninterrupted compliance of all rules.

Versatile Services Under One Umbrella:

How can GSTroboTM help you?

GST is not a worry now! Here’s a briefing of our services:


Now real-time reporting is no more a hurdle with our GST software and applications. You can enjoy the seamless flow of data by integrating the accounting system. Here’s a brief about these services, lay down your attention:

GST Software & Applications

GSTroboTM enables you to file GST returns on time abiding by all its compliances with its reliable & fast GST software & applications. You will get here a reliable solution to all GST issues without even manual intervention. We ensure data accuracy to the core so that in no case, you ever face any hassle.

You can easily create E-Invoices by linking to GST software created by GSTroboTM and can send & print it as well. Our GST software & applications are easy to operate and also comes with fast and smooth mobile app that will make it quite convenient for you to handle every GST application functionality.

E-Way Bill Software & Application

GSTroboTM is here to prepare one click E-Way Bills for your e-invoices. With GSTrobo E-Way Bill software & application, you can create & share E-invoice via E-mails. These E-Way-Bill software and applications are specially designed by keeping everything you need easily manageable for you. Updating data and data filling is your right-hand game with our cloud application or mobile app exclusively designed for this purpose.

The easy user-friendly interface of apps will let you Update Part B details, Extend Validity, Initiate Multi-vehicle, create consolidated E-way Bill, Cancel E-way Bill in case of any mistake, Create Manifest and even Update Transporter Details

You besides consignee and transporter will stay updated with each movement of goods after connecting with us.

E-invoicing Under GST

Being a GSP with GST Authority and a SDA for GSTN with over three decades of IT experience in multiple domain, here is how Binary Semantics can benefit you


We help you face all challenges with regard to E-Way Bills and GST, so provide you a complete and easy APIs solutions. Get it here:


Now tax filing is quite convenient by integration of GST system functionalities via APIs. Get regular access to registration, e-invoice uploading, and returns filing. You will get complete security of your customer base and easy GST filing solutions after contacting with us.

E-Way Bill APIs

GSTroboTM bestows impeccable integration platform along with APIs and E-Way Bills, for easy conformity with the latest rules. This integration helps consigners, transporters, consignees and all. APIs are readily available for software integration platforms of third parties.

Get all the simplified tax solutions here!

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