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The E-Way Bill system adds a layer of protection all while making logistics and supply chain management easier. Though e-way bill system makes transportation of consignment convenient. But, manually preparing and consolidating e-way bills can be time-consuming and error-prone especially when the e-way bill data is huge.

So, instead of overloading yourself with an endless e-way bill process, you can automate the whole e-way bill journey with our smart e-way bill software. Our solution integrates with the existing ERP systems including in-house ERPs to ensure a quick and easy shift with minimal process interruptions. It also integrates with our GSTrobo® e-invoicing software for one-click e-way bill generation from e-invoices.

Product features that will help you move consignments across borders quickly

  • Cloud-based solution with 100% data security
  • Intuitive e-way bill dashboard for real-time monitoring of consignment Bulk generate e-way Bills effortlessly
  • Google Maps based distance computation to reduce the risk of detention, seizure, and confiscation of consignment or vehicle
  • Single click e-way bill generation using e-invoice
gst e-way bill

Our e-way bill software instantly checks the data security and validity of each document, increasing both compliance and productivity.