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IBM statistical modeling products are capable of modeling highly complex data and analysis with simple instructions. Data from nearly any file format can be input into these IBM products to create tabulated reports, charts, plots of distributions & trends, descriptive statistics, and advanced statistical analysis. These products provide a rich graphics function that allows the user to not only create histograms, scatter plots, regression lines, heat maps, etc, but also to alter characteristics of the axes, add text, change color and font, copy and export, and so on.

Product Offering of IBM

IBM Cognos Analytics

IBM Cognos Analytics is a single BI solution that can clean and link your data, produce amazing visuals, and show you where your business is today while predicting what will happen tomorrow. Moreover, with the new Cognos mobile app, you can obtain real-time insights at a glance right on your phone.

IBM Watson Studio

IBM Watson Studio enables data scientists, developers, and analysts to design, run, and manage AI models, as well as optimize choices, anywhere on IBM Cloud Pak for Data. Unite teams can automate AI lifecycles, and accelerate time to value on an open multi-cloud architecture.

IBM Planning Analytics

The IBM Planning Analytics with Watson solution is an AI-infused, continuous integrated planning solution that allows you to go beyond the limitations of manual planning. Use IBM Planning Analytics to establish a single source of truth to expedite planning, manage performance, and promote enterprise cohesion.