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The LINDO API solver enables you to construct bespoke applications and mathematical software by utilizing a strong collection of optimization solvers and mathematical programming tools. The developer interface has been developed to integrate smoothly for optimal ease of use and versatility. You may simply construct your optimization applications using the LINDO API. LINDO API 13.0, which was just released, provides several substantial changes and new functionalities. Some of the star features are:

Stochastics Programming Features

LINDO API allows users to incorporate uncertainty into their optimization models.

Easy to create Web and Network Applications

LINDO API allows the creation of both web and network applications that handle multi-user sessions concurrently.

Easy interface to MATLAB

Easy interface to MATLAB callable function using modeling and programming environment to build and solve models and create custom algorithms, all based on LINDO API’s routines and solvers.

Analyze and inspect infeasible and Unbounded Models

Infeasible linear, nonlinear, quadratic, and integer models, the tools can find an irreducibly inconsistent set of constraints (IIS), and on unbounded models, the tools can find an irreducibly unbounded set of columns (IUS).

Effective Problem Solving

For optimum performance and robustness, all solvers have various upgrades such as stochastic, linear & Non-linear (convex & nonconvex/Global), Quadratic, Quadratically Constrained, Second Order Cone, and Integer optimization.

Create Intranet & Web Applications

The LINDO® API is threaded safe, allowing you to build web and network applications that handle numerous user sessions at the same time.

Model Size Variability

LINDO API capacities range from a few hundred variables to versions with infinite capacity, allowing you to choose the device that best meets your demands for a specific situation.