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Link Popularity

Link Popularity

Link popularity is a crucial part in the process of the optimization of a website and plays an important role for getting high search engine rankings on specific keywords. Link Popularity determines the placement of your website among the search results. Better the link popularity, more the chances of the visibility of your website in the search engines.

Link popularity also depends largely on the quality and the quantity of links on external websites that link to your website. The aim is to gain external links from websites that contain similar subject matter, themes and keywords to those of your website. Achieving strong link popularity is a vital factor in distinguishing your website against the thousands of other credible sites related to a potential visitor's search query.

Let us look at the two important steps that we at Binary follow for link popularity:

Link Potential Identification

The first and the foremost step we take to gain link popularity is to identify potential link opportunities. This process requires a manual check of the links of the competitive sites. The key search phrases are entered, top ranking sites are clicked on and then a review is done on who is linking to them and why. This gives a fairly good idea of where the best link opportunities lie.

Link Building

The second step we take in the process of link popularity is to get links which can be purchased, requested or exchanged. If your site is good, useful and informative, every site would want to link to your site. This may make the process of link exchange somewhat easier.

Our team at Binary has the right strategies and apt methods ready with them to increase link popularity. The process of link popularity involves an initial standard report confirming all indexed sites that link to your website. A customized plan is made to increase the quantity and quality of links pointing to your website. Continuous measurement and validation of the quality and value of each indexed link is required. Constant attention to link popularity factors within the search landscape have to be made.

A well presented and well written site may not require much effort to hunt for the right links. Other sites will find you and will want to exchange links with you. But even then a proper process has to follow to get adequate link popularity. It is ideal to get in touch with a professional SEO company that would take care of the complete process.

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