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Localization Services

Binary Semantics follows the best industry standards for localization services. We have a team of skilled professional linguists of multiple Indian & EMEA languages, who can strategically represent your Brand, Products and Services in targeted locales.
We have a team of experienced professionals who can translate your company products, documents etc. involving a comprehensive study of the target culture into different languages to a specific country.We Offer Localization Services for :-

Software/ Web/ Internet :

Software localization is the process of transformation and adaptation of software product, including web services and their documentation details in local language keeping in mind the culture and technicality of particular locale.

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Marketing Collateral Translation :

Marketing Localization is must for companies who want to diversify internationally . We study local culture as there are different ways of doing things, be it hand gestures, body language, religious beliefs etc. that to be observed and create collaterals as per locale.

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Legal Translation :

While doing business with other countries, one should carefully study rules, legal guidelines and law of the land. Every minute detail is very important and needs to be precisely communicated across Agreements, Releases, Certificates, License etc. as even a small mistake could bring serious ramification.

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Hardware Localization :

In Hardware localization, we help you transform hardware as per specific region by translating hardware product, manual, specification, technical units etc. as per locale standards. Hardware localization also includes adapting interface, be it language written on buttons to manual translations, it should adhere to region specification.

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Mobile App Localization :

localization services for Mobility devices we can customize your mobile application to specified locale or region. We have a team of professionals who can translate the existing Mobile Operating System into particular language

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Medical Translation :

Because of Open trade of Medical Equipment & medicines, information exchange through research papers and prescriptions is becoming global. So is the need to adapt and translate documents, packaging, manuals etc. as per local language.

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Process Followed for Localization Services

Localization Process

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We deployed a team of skilled professionals with expertise in local languages to work with short TEP (Translation, Editing and Proof Reading) cycle to deliver quality translation services with 0% defect, which means 100% quality.


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