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Desktop Publishing


Desktop Publishing also known as DTP is the process of developing documents by putting to use desktop layout skills on a personal computer. Various desktop publishing software are equipped to create a variety of layouts and thus develop high quality typographic text and images. These layouts are as good or even better as compared to the traditional style of typography and printing.

We offer DTP services and thus cater to different requirements of our clients. We include a variety of typefaces, margins, justifications, graphics, embedded illustrations straight into the text. As a matter of fact, only a powerful desktop illustrator allows you to create illustrations whereas less powerful systems only permits the insertion of illustrations created by a different software or a program.

It is pertinent to mention that these days word processing programs are becoming increasingly powerful. Thus the distinguishing line between such programs and DTP systems is getting thinner by the day. DTP applications commonly grant more access and authority over typographical characteristics like kerning. DTP services also offer greater support in favor of complete-color output.

One of the most essential features of DTP is that they provide a clear vision on the display screen exactly as you would see the document when printed. This feature is supported by a system, which is called WYSIWYG.

Multilingual DTP

We offer multilingual DTP services. Translating technical documents from one language to the other has a significant impact on the overall as well as graphical design of the document. Our primary objective is to develop localized web and print documents that are a reflection of the original and carry the essence as the original, simultaneously conforming to typographic and linguistic guidelines. Our aim is to produce documents keeping the local sensibilities within conscious consideration. Let's assume:

What We Offer

At Binary Semantics, we cater to different/multilingual DTP needs of our clients that include the following:

DTP Software

Our expert multilingual DTP teams are well versed with the local languages and thus equipped to translate content into various languages. Some of the software and tools that we use for the process includes:

Format of Deliverables

We work on a variety of formats to give you the best quality results. Some of the formats that we deliver include:

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