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Legal Translation:

While doing business with other countries, one should carefully study rules, legal guidelines and law of the land etc. Every minute detail is very important and needs to be precisely communicated across Agreements, Releases, Certificates, License etc. as even a small mistake could bring serious ramifications. This type of translation is quite different from the general translation as it requires 100% accuracy and needs to be handled by a professional linguist only who is specialized in legal translation.

The linguist of legal translation not only needs to be proficient in legal terminologies and style, the knowledge of legal statutory and the awareness of legal complexities of foreign culture should also should be possessed by the linguist. Legal translation tasks are mostly deadline bound tasks as the legally translated documents need to be submitted in the court and a slight delay may hamper the court processing. It is also the responsibility of the linguist to keep the confidentiality of the document secret.

We provide our legal localization services for the below documentations:-

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