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Manufacturing is a multi-stage process that involves transforming raw materials into a product that meets the needs of the client. Increasing competition, a global manufacturing environment, changing customer needs, new supply chain issues, and a slew of other manufacturing-related issues necessitate the development of a system that can make the manufacturing process more cost-effective, accurate, and time-saving, while also helping the company stay ahead of the competition.

When you implement Binary's manufacturing solution, you provide your organization the capacity to accomplish the desired results consistently and efficiently.

Establish a data-driven manufacturing enterprise to empower your industry's machinery with digital in-sights for planning and decision-making

  • Digital insights for planning and decision making can streamline order processing, bill of materials (BOM), material-resource planning (MRP), production planning and control (PPC), purchase, inventory management, production scheduling, quality management, job costing, and other stages and bottlenecks in your manufacturing business.
  • Integrations using APIs/Microservices for production processes with sales, supply chain, finance, customer relationship management (CRM), and other business activities provide better user experience and help achieve successful operations management.
  • Our knowledge base's strengths in data mining, optimization, linear programming, and decision support science (DSS) enable us to empower your MIS reports to consistently achieve business objectives.

Industrial Automation

  • All process and equipment changes are aimed at implementing and improving manufacturing with automation.
  • Reducing human involvement in repetitive and dangerous activities makes the production line safer and generates significant cost-saving for factories.
  • Material handling, assembly, painting, and other machining and finishing procedures are one of the many processes in the production line that can be automated.

Artificial Intelligence

  • AI has emerged as one of the most promising manufacturing technologies for processing large volumes of data and gaining meaningful insights rapidly.
  • Manufacturers can get a lot of data from modern production equipment, including process and performance statistics. When this data is properly analyzed, it can reveal information about production optimization, maintenance scheduling, and asset management.
  • Inventory management, supply chain visibility, warehousing cost reduction, asset tracking, forecasting accuracy, transportation cost reduction, and quality control are just a few of the ways AI helps industrial operations.
  • Predictive maintenance is another important AI use that guarantees industrial organizations function with minimum or no unscheduled shutdowns.

Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT)

  • The IIoT is one of the most efficient manufacturing solutions for streamlining operations, lowering costs, and increasing worker safety.
  • The industrial internet of things links top management to the manufacturing floor and accelerates decision-making through its interconnected sensors, instruments, and other equipment.
  • IIoT, when combined with AI, allows businesses to create digital twins of their production lines. This provides businesses with unique insight into production line activities and machine health.

Big Data & Analytics

  • The process of gathering and storing data is crucial for ensuring agility in the manufacturing system, from raw materials management through maintenance schedule planning.
  • A manufacturing company's data comprises information about assets, materials, processes, and customer feedback, all of which are stored in various formats and protocols.
  • Machine learning (ML) algorithms used in big data analytics discover patterns in the data and deliver real-time insights.
  • Our analytics solutions process a large quantity of data, which enhances worker safety and productivity while also simplifying product creation and lowering costs.

Cloud Computing

  • The data collected by IoT devices on production lines has the potential to completely revolutionize manufacturing operations.
  • Cloud-based systems eliminate the need for expensive computer hardware and servers while allowing data to be shared across multiple platforms.
  • Cloud computing is a well-known manufacturing technology that allows on-premises and remote workers to collaborate in real time.
  • In manufacturing operations, the cloud approach is faster, more manageable, and requires less maintenance.

Use cases:

E-Way Billing Software

  • E-Way Bill Software is an abbreviation for Electronic Way Bill, a unique bill number created for a specific consignment involving the transfer of goods worth more than INR 50,000.
  • We provide E-Way Bill Software cloud-based applications and APIs for all sorts of organizations tailored to your business requirements.

Intelligence Insight

  • Insight into Intelligence for Efficient Compliance Maintaining control over your tax operations, identifying risks and possibilities, identifying untapped potential and hidden hazards, and detecting them early.
  • Quantitative analysis of customer, vendor item, and master data.

Billing Software

  • Generate GST-compliant e-invoices, advance receipts, credit & debit notes, reverse charge e-invoices, and more to make GST billing effortless and straightforward.
  • Download, print, and share e-invoices with your customers and keep track of your inventory, among other things.

Logistics Process Automation

  • Due to the increasing pace of globalization, goods are no longer restricted to local borders and have crossed international frontiers.
  • Organizations confront issues in tracking the transportation of these items to and from their plants and facilities as a result of this shift in trend.
  • As a result, technology adoption is critical for logistics management.
  • FleetRobo® Logistics Process Automation streamlines the process, improving efficiency and generating considerable money for the company.