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Our modern world is powered by mathematics. Mathematics enhances our lives by making us safer, more efficient, more inventive, from maximizing agricultural yields to inventing sustainable goods to launching spacecraft.
From understanding math concepts on a smartphone to decreasing development risk in major engineering design projects, Maplesoft technologies give modern, inventive answers to today's concerns. We as a trusted partner of Maplesoft are assisting businesses in tackling challenging issues and generating research that pushes the limits and enhances the state of mathematics through different product offerings.

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MapleSoft Product Offerings


Maple is math software that combines the world's most powerful arithmetic engine with an interface that makes analyzing, exploring, visualizing, and solving mathematical issues a breeze.


MapleSim is an advanced modeling tool that helps you decrease development time, cut costs, and identify real-world performance concerns, from digital twins for virtual commissioning to system-level models for complicated engineering design projects.


Maplesoft's solutions are increasingly being utilized to bridge the gap between the architectural systems model and the analytical activities throughout the rest of the system design process as engineering firms embrace Model-based Systems Engineering (MBSE) approaches.


You can effortlessly share your Maple papers, calculators, and technical applications with MapleNet. Your colleagues and students may use a conventional web browser to engage with your information, conduct computations, explore topics, and visualize outcomes.

Application Area

Financial Modelling
Statistics and Data Analysis
Control Design
Signal Processing
Thermophysical Properties
Maple Companion

Maple Companion Mobile App for iOS and Android phones

Now students can check answers to maths problems on algebra, precalculus, calculus, linear algebra, differential equations, and many more by simply using your phone's camera without incurring any cost as Maple is giving free Maple Companion App for iOS and Android phones to do the same.

The Maple Companion lets you:

  • Improve your mathematical understanding and get help with your math homework!
  • Avoid the mistakes while transcribing mathematical expressions into Maple
  • Makes solving maths problem interesting for students
  • Save time
  • Students can access full power of Maple for solving, visualizing, and exploring math
  • Bring the math that is right in front of you into Maple using Maple Companion

Simple Steps To Solve All Sorts of Math using Maple Companion Mobile App

Step1 -

Just click your phone camera to upload your math problems into Maple App or use the built-in math editor.

Step2 -

Explore and find integrals, factor polynomials, invert matrices, solve systems of equations, solve ODEs, and much more.

Step3 -

Visualize problems and results to deepen your understanding by creating plots and various other interactive tools.