Marketing Analyst

Gurugram, Haryana
  • Post Date: Feb 04, 2022

Your Role and Beyond

Understanding the products, Industries and customer trends, behaviour and touchpoints and build insights into marketing strategy and tactical materials.

What you will do

  • Gather and analyze data related to market conditions and consumer demographics
  • Research customers opinions, buying habits, preferences, wants and needs.
  • Create and evaluate methods for gathering data, including surveys, interviews, questionnaires and opinion polls.
  • Develop tactics and metrics to assess the effectiveness of existing and new marketing, advertising and communications programs.
  • Monitor and forecast marketing/sales trends, highlighting opportunities for new initiatives and promotions.
  • Convert data findings into understandable text, tables, graphs and/or data visualizations.

Beyond (How you will grow and what more you can do)-

  • Take responsibility- Learn new skills, grow as a person and a professional, inculcate skills and Learnings in yourself and others.
  • Realize your Capabilities & Potentials- take ownership and build synergies to collaborate and help everyone around you.

The skills you need to bring along-

Analytic Problem-Solving: Process a large amount of complex data with precision and translate it into measurable results
Critical Thinking: Maintain an innate curiosity about consumers and industries and assess all available information to build insights and ideas.

Effective Communication: Develop strong relationships with consumers, interviewees, fellow team members, Product team members and management;
Industry Knowledge: Deep Understanding of marketing, its functions and tools.

Job Overview

  • Career Level

  • Team

  • Experience

    3-5 Years
  • Qualification

    Bachelor Degree


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