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Offshore Outsourcing India

An Inside Perspective

Offshore Outsourcing India is heard more often these days. For hundreds of firms in US and Europe - outsourcing is becoming an utmost necessity these days. It is tough to see other companies saving millions by offshore outsourcing to India and such countries in Asia and elsewhere.

While the US legislator is going berserk over the outsourcing issue - the actual fact lies engraved somewhere else. What US fears most is the loss of white-collared jobs in recent past to India offshore outsourcing. As a matter of fact - the US has been into outsourcing for long . A lot of work - especially that of manufacturing - was been outsourced to Latin American countries for a long time. Even China had been roping a bulk of outsourcing jobs from US in recent past. Then why is there uproar for offshore outsourcing to India?

This was obvious ever since US started introduced the concept of free-market concept and global trade ideology. The idea was to segregate jobs across the globe in right proportion and reduce the operational costs. But the idea is backfiring as India pros of generating exceptional results for the US market. With little choice left - companies started to thread in Indian professionals as they came cheap compared to their US counterparts. Hence the growth of offshore outsourcing in India.

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