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Offshore Software Development India

IT outsourcing in India today is a big boom. India is regarded as the most happening place in terms of Offshore Software Development.

It is interesting to note that companies in US rank India as their first choice for Outsourcing projects. This is mainly due to the technological quality, the effective cost control, and the flexibility which is required in the competitive IT market. And India provides all these qualities.

Another reason of India being the choice for outsourcing is the requirement of quality brain power, something which is found largely here. A worldwide survey was conducted and it clearly shows that almost all the software development teams have Indians in large numbers.

Offshore Software Development India is flourishing because of its numerous advantages. It helps the leading Software companies realize that to maintain a stay ahead in the competitive IT sector, they need to reduce costs and provide the best quality of work. This requires the use of latest high-tech skills and the need of reliable and innovative people who can be entrusted with the job. Offshore assignments are of various levels - right from the data entry level to large and complex software development projects.

It is only in India that Outsourcing of Software Development has resulted in achieving the prestigious SEI-CMM Level 5 due to the large number of Software companies who have gone into outsourcing when compared to others across the globe. It is being predicted that India will soon have the highest number of ISO 9001:2008 Software companies in the world.

Software Development in India is now, a major focus for the Government as well. A separate Ministry of Information Technology has been set up to expedite the implementation of more IT projects and to streamline the regulatory process. With the growth of Offshore Software Development in India, the results show success. A study conducted by Japanese Banks reports that Asia will be an excellent source of investment for outsourcing after Japan and China within the next five years.

Despite this, a major issue of concern is the increasing cyber crimes on the internet. A recently passed IT bill in the year of 2000 has brought the development of a Software that enforces cyber laws to catch the cyber criminals, in supportive to the government of India.

Offshore Software Development India is regarded as an extremely reliable and mature industry that ensures world-class systems and quality. Outsourcing Software Projects is an increasing source of business development and it constitutes highly in the growth of both the client and the customer.

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