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Oracle Crystal Ball is the industry's most popular spreadsheet-based application for predictive modeling, forecasting, simulation, and optimization. It provides you with unprecedented insight into the major risk elements. With Crystal Ball, you can make the best tactical decisions to achieve your goals and obtain a competitive advantage in even the most volatile market situations. We as a trusted partner of Oracle have helped many enterprises with planning, cost estimation, strategic financial analysis, inventory optimization, project selection, sales forecasting and modeling, and supply chain management using Crystal Ball.

The Product offering of Oracle Crystal Ball

Oracle Crystal Ball

Anybody who (Strategic planners, financial analysts, engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs, CPAs, marketing managers, venture capitalists, consultants, Six Sigma Specialists) utilizes spreadsheets to estimate uncertain results can benefit from Oracle Crystal Ball.

Oracle Crystal Ball Suite

Oracle Crystal Ball Suite is a spreadsheet-based Monte Carlo simulation, forecasting, and optimization product by Oracle. This comprehensive solution includes Oracle Crystal Ball and Oracle Crystal Ball Decision Optimizer for effective risk analysis and uncertainty management.

Oracle Crystal Decision Optimizer

Oracle Crystal Ball Decision Optimizer, an add-on for Oracle Crystal Ball, combines powerful optimization capabilities with the power of Monte Carlo simulation.

Oracle Crystal Ball Classroom Edition

Oracle Crystal Ball Classroom Edition is a fully functional version of our software provided to academic institutions that augment the capabilities of Monte Carlo simulation with optimization. Oracle Crystal Ball Classroom Edition is available in both Student and Faculty versions.