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Amika Mobile Signs India Partnership With Binary Semantics to Sell Enterprise Product Dec 12, 2007

Amika Mobile Signs India Partnership With Binary Semantics to Sell Enterprise Product Dec 12, 2007

Amika Mobile to tap into India market Dec 12, 2007


:: Amika Mobile Signs India Partnership With Binary Semantics to Sell Enterprise Product

(Market Wire Via Thomson Dialog NewsEdge) OTTAWA, ONTARIO, December 12 / MARKET WIRE/

Amika Mobile, the pioneer in the delivery of key mobile content to any mobile phone, announces that it has signed a partnership agreement with Binary Semantics for distribution of the Amika Mobility Server(TM) - Enterprise Edition in India. This Server provides users with a cost-effective critical Email to SMS solution for global users at 10% of the cost of typical mobile messaging solutions. The software server is fully scalable and runs on any enterprise hardware. It also features an easy to use console that simplifies administration and management for the IT security team.

"We have enterprise customers that are eagerly awaiting this product to assist them in keeping in touch with their mobile workers. About 100,000 SMS phones are sold in India each day and the ability to receive critical emails on the cell phone is vital today", stated Akhil Choudhary, President, Binary Semantics. "For the enterprise it means that their mobile workers receive and respond to critical emails promptly, increasing their productivity and boosting business performance."

"We are very excited about our partnership with Binary Semantics", said Dr. Sue Abu-Hakima, Amika Mobile's CEO. "India presents us with a huge market with 3 million people getting a mobile phone a month, primarily for SMS. By shortening their key emails to make them SMS friendly, we are allowing the enterprise users to leverage their favorite and cheapest way of interacting."

Mike Osterman, the President of the analysis firm Osterman Research explains, "One of the key benefits we see with Amika Mobile in the wireless mobility market is their ability to send critical email as short SMS alerts. This becomes of high value and provides good return on investment to the enterprise CIO in comparison to the more expensive data service-based messaging solutions that push all enterprise email expensively through carrier networks. Further, this solution addresses the problem of very small screens on most mobile phones because it delivers key email content shortened to better fit the 160 character requirements of SMS packets, thus minimizing the number of packets and preventing the overload of all email content pushed to enterprise mobile phones. Amika Mobile's extended reach also brings greater mobile capability to professionals and consumers who are SMS mobile phone subscribers."

Amika Mobile sells its products through distributors, system integrator partners and platform vendor partners initially focusing on India, North America, Europe and Australia with future plans for expansion to Asia.

About Amika Mobile Corporation

Amika Mobile is privately held and specializes in critical email-to-SMS alerts. Its mobile content solutions are independent of device, platform or carrier. The Amika Mobility Server for the enterprise provides cost-effective critical Email-SMS solutions at 10% of the cost of typical mobile messaging solutions. Its Email-to-SMS portal based on its ISP Edition product demonstrates delivery to any mobile phone.

For more information, please visit or All copyrights, trademarks and trade names are the property of Amika Mobile.

About Binary Semantics

BINARY SEMANTICS is an India-headquartered Software Development and Systems Integration Company with Distribution Partnerships with Multi-Nationals in Products and Technology. The company provides software research and development, IT consultancy and support services. The company includes global operations in India, the USA, Canada, and Europe.


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