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IoT Product Development

“Delivering Full Stack of Services for Design, Development and Implementation of Connected Products”

According to Gartner Inc., there will be nearly 26 billion devices on the IoT (Internet of Things) by 2020. With ever increasing number of connected devices and the enormous amount of data produced, the organizations will be in foray to leverage the power of IoT and Connected devices, largely to collect, analyze and obtain insights to proliferate new products and solutions, build product capabilities, and plan marketing messages, grab business information and many more.

Binary Semantics IoT Product Development Services

Here in Binary Semantics, we support your IoT initiatives to develop consumer and business products encompassing connected vehicles, connected wearable devices, connected homes, connected buildings and connected cities. Using core IoT platform which is comprehensive, highly-secure and highly-reliable application platform, we:

Benefits of using Core IoT Platform:

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1. The IoT technology platform can be instrumental in enhancing the business efficiency by automating the business processes for Transportation & Logistics Companies. The first step towards achieving the same is implementation of End to End fleet management solutions and omnipresence of connected cars platform for bringing artificial intelligence in automating the business processes involving route optimization, job assignment, vehicle health monitoring, avoiding restricted areas, connectivity with locale public facilities etc.


2. We have successfully developed IoT based consumer services platform that securely connects the embedded devices with IoT Application Servers, manage the data stream and communicate it to end customer through Web and Mobile Interface.


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