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M2M / IoT Product Applications

Telematics for Automotive, Transportation and Logistics

Business process optimization for better productivity and efficiency can only be achieved through automation. The penultimate application IoT Connected Cars enabled with multiple sensors, Intelligent Telematics Solutions and Fleet management solution can significantly impact in automating the business processes for efficient transport.

The IoT platform comprising dynamic interaction among the various components of transport system such as vehicles, tolls, locale city buildings, malls, public safety departments can establish an intelligent transportation system ensured with safety and security.

Fleet Robo - Fleet Management Solutions, Vehicle Tracking Systems and Telematics Solutions are the flagship products of Binary Semantics for the Automotive OEMs, Transportation & Logistics Companies. The core IoT Platform is used to develop the Telematics solution comprising OBD II compliant hardware components to capture on board diagnostics of vehicle, Software Applications (Web Portal and Mobile Apps) for remote tracking and Data Server centers to collect and parse data collected from connected vehicles.

Building/Home/Industrial Automation

The combination of Wireless technologies, Internet Infrastructure, microcontroller supported devices and Mobility Devices constitutes the Building Automation System. The multiple devices communicates in conduit over the wireless internet and parse the information to central could application server. The apt utilization of Building Automation System can save lot of electricity and can help in developing a green building with automation.

The IoT Supported Building, Home and Industrial Automation system developed by Binary Semantics comes with an android supported application Interface (Mobile Apps/ Web Portals) that can be used to monitor and control the mechanical, electrical and electronic systems such as HVAC, Lightings, Machinery, Motors, Refrigerators etc. used in the various type of buildings (Factory, Home, warehouse etc.).

Our core IoT Platform is customizable to cater sector specific requirements for manufacturing and Industrial automation to deliver highly-scalable and highly-reliable applications.

Retail & Lifestyle Products

The Lifestyle products developed with core IoT Platform Smart wearable devices and Handy Devices (Watches, Tags, Bands, Components etc.) have been instrumental in conferring convenience to our the daily routine tasks and making our life easier.

There are many start-ups emerging with neck-breaking velocity by offering the IoT Consumer products with multi variant applications like remote video monitoring, personal health care data, temperature sensing, alert tags & buzzer etc. These IoT Products can easily be configured with a mobile app in minutes and you can start enjoying the benefits straight-a-way. It has opened a new window and even big enterprises are now in foray to proliferate IoT products to tap mass consumer market.

The beauty of these IoT Products lies within their convenient cloud based application platform which offers instant device configuration with mobile apps, yet maintaining the security of data through secured protocols.

Catering to one of the leading consumer brands of India with our IoT Product Development Services, Binary Semantics have developed IoT based Smart wearable devices that works with Cloud based Application Server and Mobile Apps. These wearable devices helps in identifying the personal belongings while not in line of sight and locating children on GPS Maps while they are out with driver or servant. The Subscription based consumer applications offer plethora of services for controlling and monitoring devices beyond line of visibility.

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1. The IoT technology platform can be instrumental in enhancing the business efficiency by automating the business processes for Transportation & Logistics Companies. The first step towards achieving the same is implementation of End to End fleet management solutions and omnipresence of connected cars platform for bringing artificial intelligence in automating the business processes involving route optimization, job assignment, vehicle health monitoring, avoiding restricted areas, connectivity with locale public facilities etc.


2. We have successfully developed IoT based consumer services platform that securely connects the embedded devices with IoT Application Servers, manage the data stream and communicate it to end customer through Web and Mobile Interface.


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