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Safeguarding Valuable Assets and Ensuring Safe Delivery with Cash in Transit Solutions

The banking industry places significant emphasis on the precise location and monitoring of cash vehicles. Likewise, whether it’s the Gems and Jewelry industry, the BFSI sector, or any other industry involved in transporting high-value cargo, constantly monitor and protect their assets.

Such vehicles must reach their destinations securely, given their vulnerability to potential attacks. Van security and driver safety are of paramount importance.

To streamline this process, FleetRobo has developed a cash-in-transit solution for tracking and ensuring the security of your high-value asset transportation. Cash in transit solution guarantees the safe delivery of high-value assets, providing real-time vehicle tracking accessible through the internet and offering visibility beyond your immediate surroundings via an intuitive interface for your computer and smartphone.


Streamline Cash Transportation Operations with Cash Van Monitoring Software

Effortlessly handle cash & valuable transportation with our cash logistics solutions impressive

Real-Time Tracking

Tracking cash vans will be precise with FleetRobo’s Cash Logistics Solutions during the entire journey of cash and valuable goods transportation and handling. IoT devices and sensors will transmit essential data for monitoring these parameters.


Create virtual boundaries and ensure the safety of drivers and assets. Also, get instant notifications for vehicles entering/exiting zones, and ensure asset safety through precise location control.

CiT routing solution

Optimize routes to be followed in cash and valuable transportation vans and provide you with real-time notification in case of any route deviations.

Panic Button

Employees will have access to dedicated panic buttons in case of a security breach or threat. This facilitates rapid means of requesting and enhancing security.

Control Tower Setup

Centralized hub to monitor, manage, and optimize the transportation and security of your assets. This provides a comprehensive view of the entire operation, facilitates proactive decision-making, effective coordination and ensures effective tracking of cash vans.

Web & Mobile Platform

The system comes with a user-friendly platform compatible with various operating systems. Thus, facilitating easy access to the drivers and vehicle information with a single click.

Customized Notifications and Alerts

Our cash management transport solution provides many insights about asset safety, vehicle performance, driver monitoring, and various other aspects.

Some prominent reports generated with the system include,

  • Unauthorized Usage Reports
  • Distance Reports
  • Fuel Analysis Reports and much more

Benefits of FleetRobo®’s Cash Logistics Solutions

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Secured Vehicles


Prominent Cities Covered

Pan India


Few Business Use Cases of Cash in Transit Solutions

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Frequently Asked questions

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Cash logistics software is crucial to safeguard valuable assets, prevent theft, maintain the integrity of financial operations, and meet regulatory requirements.

Real-time tracking enhances security by providing continuous visibility into the location of assets, allowing for immediate response to security breaches and optimizing route planning.

Businesses can optimize cash logistics by using route optimization, geofencing, and integrated systems to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and enhance security.

Our cash in transit software is beneficial for financial institutions, retailers, businesses with large cash volumes, armored transport companies, and organizations involved in the handling of valuable assets.

In the event of a route deviation or a security breach, immediate alerts will be sent to designated personnel. Cash logistics software alerts can trigger a response to address the situation, such as notifying law enforcement or initiating emergency procedures.

Indeed, our solution adheres to industry regulations and standards. Additionally, any forthcoming rule or regulation modifications from the RBI will be promptly incorporated and updated within the system.

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