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Streamline Employee Transportation Management, Minimize Risks and Costs

With the evolution of technology and the continual growth of the industries and service sectors, flexible working hours and adopting employees from diverse locations have gained popularity. Dedicated Employee Transport Management Solution ensures safe and timely commutes, particularly during non-standard shifts. It addresses safety concerns, enhances productivity, and contributes to employee well-being by reducing stress.

However, managing the corporate fleet management poses significant challenges. This task requires careful planning, using technical and manual support. Companies face challenges in planning routes, tracking employee attendance, and updating each employee on transportation locations.

FleetRobo® streamlines these complex operations with its advanced employee mobility solutions, ensuring timely pickups and drop-offs aligned with shift schedules. Along with features like auto dispatch, routing optimization, e-trip sheets, and automated billing cut costs, boosting organizational profitability.


Features Designed to Enhance and Improve Your Business

FleetRobo® employee transport management system is a comprehensive solution to digitize and automate employee transportation operations, seamlessly connecting all stakeholders involved.

Adopt for Any Fleet Type

Our employee mobility solution fits into any type of Taxi, Cab, Minibus and many more. Depending on your requirements.

Caters to Different Use Cases

Cater to various use cases such as Regular Office Commutes, Late Night Shifts, Client Meetings, Female only Cab, Ad-hoc Bookings, Shuttle Services, and more.

Route Automation

Manual and algorithmic route optimization for pickup/drop points, employees, drivers, and vehicle availability.

Incident Management

Real-time alerts for excessive stoppage, idling, battery tampering, vehicle repairs, etc., available to employees and admins.

Analytics & Report

Utilize data analytics and custom reports on completed trips, billing, and low occupancy to streamline processes and make informed decisions.

Easy and Dynamic Scheduling

Effortlessly plan ad-hoc trips for multiple employees with scheduled fixed pick-up and drop-off points for various shifts.

Admin Dashboard

Enhanced visibility via customizable admin dashboard for efficient oversight of multiple vendors, vehicles, and trips.

Attendance at Convenience

Manage cab attendance with our Sound-Based Algorithm and for larger vehicles using RFID or Face Terminals.

Customized Billing Module

Our smart algorithm reconciles trip sheets, consolidates e-trip data, and accurately calculates payments to fleet operators/drivers.

Real-time Tracking & Alerts

Track vehicles in real-time via GPS, receive SOS and instant attendance alerts, access extra features on the transport management platform.

Simple Integrations

Expand the solution’s capabilities to any ERP systems like attendance tracking, Integration with HR Systems, etc.


Establish virtual boundaries to safeguard drivers and employees, receive instant notifications for vehicle entry/exit.

Web & Mobile Platforms

Our user-friendly platform, compatible with multiple operating systems, offers one-click access to driver and vehicle information.

Dedicated App for Dedicated Persons

FleetRobo’s Corporate Fleet Management Solution recognizes the diverse requirements of stakeholders. This is mirrored in the specialized features embedded across our employee transport management solution’s range of applications for ensuring smooth employee transportation.

Easy Scheduling

Simplified trip planning for employees’ convenience.

IVR Call-based Trip Confirmation

Automated trip verification post-ride via interactive voice response.

Emergency SOS Button

Immediate distress signal and feedback provision for enhanced safety.

Real-Time Alerts

Instant notifications for vehicles, route changes, repairs, ETA.

Track Previous Trips

View detailed history of past journeys for reference.

View Assigned Trips

Easily access trip details for convenient navigation and timely adjustments during the journey as a driver.

Pickup/Drop Details

Clear instructions guide navigation to employee locations for efficient trip management.

Guided Google Maps-assisted Route Navigation

Receive step-by-step directions for optimal travel efficiency.

Real-time notification & alerts

For each trip and any power cut off, low battery alert, speeding alert, etc.

Help & Support Assist

Assistance available for any trip-related issues encountered by the driver.

Command Centre Operations

Centralized control hub overseeing operations for efficient management and coordination.

Manage Rosters and Assign Escorts

Organize schedules and assign escorts for streamlined employee transportation.

Manage Drivers, Employees, and Fleets

Administer personnel and vehicle resources effectively to optimize transport operations.

Customized Reporting & Analytics

Tailored insights including route mastery and grace time reports for informed decision-making.

Real-time Trip Planning and Tracking

Instant trip planning and tracking for accurate monitoring and proactive adjustments.

Benefits of FleetRobo’s Employee Mobility Solutions


Eliminate Transportation Inefficiencies


Vehicle Compliance and Lifecycle Management


Number Masking on Calls


Safe Drop Confirmation


Employee Satisfaction


Prior Duty Chart


Sound Based Algorithm for Cab Attendance


Employee Movement & Department Summary Dashboards


RFID/Face Based Attendance for Bigger Vehicles

Ensuring Seamless Employee Commutes and Tracking


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No of tracked vehicles


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Frequently Asked questions

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A Corporate Employee Transport System is a comprehensive solution designed to streamline and manage the transportation of employees to and from their workplace efficiently.

Real-time vehicle tracking provides live updates on the location of vehicles, ensuring accurate scheduling, improved security, and timely arrivals.

Employee Transport Management Systems optimize costs by analyzing data to identify the most cost-effective routes, improving fuel efficiency, and maximizing vehicle utilization.

Our Employee Mobility Solutions can generate various reports, including route optimization reports, attendance reports, cost analysis reports, and other customized reports to aid in decision-making.

Our Employee Transportation System enhances employee satisfaction by providing reliable, efficient, and stress-free transportation, contributing to a positive work environment.

Yes, our Employee Transportation Systems are customizable to meet the specific needs and requirements of different industries and businesses.
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