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FleetRobo®’s Fuel Monitoring System

Optimize Fuel Usage to Enhance Fleet Efficiency, Maximize ROI


An Overview

Perfect Fuel Monitoring to Prevent Fuel Theft to Enhance Fleet Efficiency, Maximize ROI.

Improper management of fleet operations can start a detrimental chain of events like fuel theft, fuel fraud, excessive fuel costs, decreased fleet efficiency and losing loyal customers.

With the rising prices of fuel in India, it is high time that private or public fleet owners start paying mindful attention to fuel usage and its associated costs.

From tracking fuel consumption to optimising fuel usage, mitigating risks, and maximising fleet efficiency with ease. And this is where FleetRobo®’s Fuel Monitoring Solution comes into play!
We ensure that you operate your vehicles efficiently while providing a reliable fuel monitoring system. FleetRobo® has developed a complete array of features to track fuel consumption and increase fleet efficiency.

Advanced reporting with FleetRobo®’s Fuel Monitoring System

Advanced Reporting

Real-Time Fuel tracking system

Real-Time Tracking

FleetRobo®'s User-Friendly Dashboards

User-Friendly Dashboards

Why choose FleetRobo®’s Fuel Monitoring System

Deploy FleetRobo® to Transform
Real-Time Fuel Tracking Data into Actionable Insights

Fuel usage is a key performance metric. Any fleet owner trying to enhance efficiency and
decrease expenses needs a good vehicle fuel tracking system. Accurate data on where changes are needed and
tracking over time can assist make more informed decisions, resulting in decreased maintenance costs.

How can you Operate Better with

FleetRobo®’s Fuel Tank Monitoring System

  • Keep your fleet running smoothly and make sure your drivers are following the best practices for fuel management
  • Gain real-time insights into your vehicle’s fuel level, driving habits, and more
  • Protect yourself from fuel theft and save money in the process
  • Get a maximised return on investment for your fleet
  • Reduce fuel costs and increase the efficiency of the fleet
  • Improve productivity with automated reports

Working on our Fuel Consumption Monitoring System

Our fuel monitoring system works in the following steps:

Get Comprehensive and Actionable Insights into your

Vehicle’s Fuel Consumption

Fuel Consumption Analysis

To make the process easy and smooth, we offer an intrusive fuel monitoring solution report that helps you keep track of your vehicle’s fuel consumption. This report can be generated daily, weekly or monthly basis as per your requirement and is quite helpful in analyzing the trends.

Fuel Consumption Analysis

The FleetRobo® Fuel Monitoring Solution gives you an in-depth analysis of your fuel consumption with multiple reports, such as:

  • Fuel consumed per vehicle – A real-time overview of your fuel levels
  • Fuel consumption trends – Detailed reports on fuel consumption and usage trends
  • Fuel theft alerts – The ability to set thresholds and receive alerts when fuel levels reach a certain point
  • Graphical and tabular data representations
  • Customizable views and settings

The fuel consumption analysis report helps you understand your vehicle’s fuel consumption patterns. This report can be generated on a weekly or monthly basis and is quite helpful in analyzing the trends.

FleetRobo®’s Fuel Monitoring Solution comes with a user-friendly dashboard feature to effortlessly track your fuel levels anytime and anywhere. Experience a smooth and intuitive interface for overseeing various fuel-related metrics.

Fuel Up with FleetRobo®‘s

Hardware Solution for Fuel Theft Monitoring System

Our Fuel Monitoring Solution

Serves Several Sectors


ISO 9001:2015

CMMI Level

ISMS 27001:2013

GSP (under GSTIN)

Don’t Let Fuel Cost Eat Up Your Profits

Track Your Fuel Usage, Get instant Alerts, and Access User-friendly Dashboard from Anywhere.

Frequently Asked questions

Have questions? We’re here to help you.

At FleetRobo®, we use both digital, bluetooth and analog fuel sensors. The digital fuel sensor ranges from 700mm to 2000mm. We use an industry-leading, high-accuracy fuel sensor that provides reliable and consistent fuel readings. The analogue fuel sensor that we use is a reliable and accurate sensor that has been designed specifically for fuel monitoring applications.

Digital sensors work on converting the physical quantity being measured into a digital number that a computer can read. The advantages of digital sensors include their accuracy, repeatability, and lack of drift. On the other hand, analogue sensors work by directly measuring the physical quantity and outputting an analogue signal that is proportional to the quantity being measured. Advantages of analogue sensors include their low cost, simple construction, & wide range of available types.

The digital sensor provides an accuracy of up to 99%, whereas the accuracy of the analogue sensor lies between 88-90%.

Depending on your tank size, we have sensors ranging from 700mm, 1000mm, 1500mm & 2000mm providing a compatible option for every tank.

Yes, the FleetRobo ® fuel monitoring solution is a mobile-friendly application. You can access it on your mobile phone or tablet, and it’s designed to be used on the go. This makes it easy to track your fuel usage and keep an eye on your fleet, no matter where you are.

Installation of the FleetRobo ® fuel monitoring technology is simple and quick. Simply, we will install the gasoline sensors, which will transmit data to the GPS device, which will then be received by our server.

Our solution is compatible with vehicles such as trucks, cars, buses, JCBs, vans and more. If you are not sure if your vehicle is compatible, please contact us, and we’d be happy to help.

Fuel monitoring is a key part of fleet management, as it can help you reduce your fuel costs. By tracking your fuel usage, you can see where you are wasting fuel and change your driving habits. This can help you save money and improve the efficiency of your fleet.

Yes, the FleetRobo ® fuel monitoring solution is compatible with diesel generator. You can easily monitor the fuel usage of your diesel generator using this device.
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