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See Beyond the Road with Video Telematics Solutions

We understand the paramount importance of ensuring the security and safety of your valuable fleet assets. That’s where FleetRobo® Vehicle Telematics Solutions comes in! Our digital platform leverages cutting-edge technology designed with maximum flexibility to suit your specific business needs, empowering your fleet operations with real-time monitoring, incident detection, comprehensive video analytics, and beyond.

Video Telematics Solutions

AI-Driven Video Telematics for Superior Fleet Management

Our vehicle telematics solutions have impressive features that offer precision, protection, and peace of mind for strengthening your security beyond boundaries.

Embrace Cargo and Driver Safety

Extend beyond mere monitoring and promote safer driving and document events through our AI-based video telematics solution.

Seamless GPS Tracking

Enable real-time monitoring of fleet and personnel. Stay informed about their locations, routes, speed, and more.

Geo-fence the Cargo

Establish virtual boundaries for getting instant alerts for assets entering/exiting designated areas and enhance your control.

Cargo and Driver Safety

Real-Time Incident Detection

With our IoT telematics, you gain real-time insights into your fleet’s activities, both on the road, in parking and within containers, and document Video Clips.

Real-Time Multi-View Tracking

Visually supervise and access multiple HD views in critical areas, deter potential threats, and promptly respond to security incidents.

Enhanced Client Satisfaction

Our IoT fleet telematics allows you to monitor progress, receive automated notifications and provide accurate information to clients.

Real-Time Incident Detection with vehicle telematics solutions

Incident Investigation Made Easy

Record footage as a trustworthy eyewitness for the investigation, insurance claims settlements or legal purposes and ensure justice and clarity.

Mitigate the Liability Risks

Protect drivers by providing irrefutable evidence against false or fraudulent claims through incident footage stored in the cloud.

Resource Utilization and Sustainability

Minimize idle time, analyze real-time vehicle data and allocate resources, get instant reports to increase productivity and move towards sustainability.

Resource Utilization and Sustainability

Customized Solutions for Diverse Needs

From small-scale businesses to large enterprises, our vehicle telematics solution is completely customizable to suit your specific requirements.

Cloud-Based Convenience

Enjoy an eagle-eye view of your fleet, get live video feeds, and historical data at your fingertips with our cloud-based platform.

Privacy and Compliance Assured

Our vehicle telematics solutions comply with legal regulations and industry standards. Rest assured that your data remains secure and protected.

Customizable vehicle telematics system
Timely Alerts, Invaluable Insights

Our Driver Status Monitor (DSM) and AI-enabled ADAS capability will provide various reports to cover entire traffic threats and driver errors.

ADAS alerts for on-road incidents, including forward collision warnings, posted speed violations, tailgating, pedestrian warnings, lane drift warnings, reckless driving and other scenarios.

Identify suspicious activities, accidents, or unauthorized access and send instant alerts.

Video telematics systems for Timely Alerts, Invaluable Insights

DMS Software alerts for in-vehicle occurrences, such as distracted driving, non-designated person driving, driver sleep warning, mobile usage and other related incidents.

Personalized driver behavior analysis for coaching and rewarding drivers with real-world incident footage.

Building Blocks of AI-Driven Video Telematics

AI-driven video telematics encompasses essential solutions that transform the safety and efficiency of fleet management.

Does our driver monitoring system and IoT fleet telematics sound interesting to you?

Take the first step towards securing your fleet with our Vehicle Telematics Solutions.

Frequently Asked questions

Have questions? We’re here to help you.

AI powered Smart CCTV and security solutions represents a recent advancement within the realm of in- vehicle telematics solutions. These dash camera solutions merge the features of traditional vehicle monitoring software with equipments like DMS solution and ADAS dash cameras. These leverage the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence and offer comprehensive insights into vehicle movements.

Advanced driver-assistance systems, often referred to as ADAS, encompass technological enhancements aimed at enhancing vehicle safety. When thoughtfully implemented, the ADAS dash camera facilitates driver interaction to enhance their ability to respond to on-road hazards. These AI powered dash camera solutions represent different degrees of automation. Through their advanced warning and automation mechanisms, these systems bolster safety and reduce reaction times to potential dangers.

There are offline cameras at present. On long distance travel, to collect the data the clients need to wait till the vehicle reaches the destination or source. Our Video Telematics System is not only an online-based model but also requires only a little capital investment for installing with existing CCTV and surveillance systems.

IoT fleet telematics can help fleet managers monitor and improve driver behavior, reduce fuel consumption, optimize routes, provide tailor-made training to drivers, enhance vehicle maintenance, and ultimately increase the overall efficiency of the fleet.

Yes, our vehicle telematics solutions are customizable to meet the specific requirements of different industries and fleets. They can be tailored to focus on safety, compliance, or operational efficiency.