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Driver Monitoring System (DMS)

Drive Safely, Stay Alert

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Stay Alerted: Your Ultimate AI Facial Detection Solution for Fleets

Introducing our latest AI Facial Detection System for Fleet Drivers —an intuitive, compact in-cab camera system designed to keep drivers alert and focused on the road. By detecting distractions and signs of fatigue, it promptly alerts drivers and fleet managers with real-time visual and audible cues, restoring their attention to focused driving. Continuously scanning for signs of fatigue, mobile phone usage, smoking, and prolonged distraction, the system enhances safety on the road.

Ultimate AI Facial Detection Solution

Advanced AI-Driver Monitoring Systems Technology at a Glance

FleetRobo's AI-powered DMS solution is designed to detect subtle emotions, reactions, and facial expressions in real-time. Its extensive array of detection and monitoring features encompasses —

Driver Distraction monitoring system

Identify external or internal activities that divert drivers' attention away from safe driving.

Driver Drowsiness Management System

Identify reduced alertness, slow eye movements, falling asleep and drivers’ cognitive impairment due to fatigue.

Driver Phone Usage Monitoring

Detect and get notifications of moments when fleet drivers use mobile phones while driving.

Smoking Monitoring

Detect drivers’ smoking behaviors and send alerts for mitigating fire risks.

Activity Detection

Monitor all driver and in-cabin activity conveniently at your fingertips.

Facial Expression Tracking

Analyse drivers’ facial expressions and assist in tracking yawning, sleeping, and more to promote attentive driving.

Driver Body Posture Monitoring

Ensure safe driving by continuously analyzing and alerting drivers to maintain proper sitting and driving posture.

Seat Belt Monitoring

Ensure safety compliance by monitoring and alerting drivers to buckle up, reducing the risk of injury in the event of a collision.

In-Cabin Camera Blocks

Get alerts whenever there is an obstruction or interruptions in the functionality of in-cabin cameras.

Driver Identification

Monitor to ensure only authorized and certified drivers use the vehicle during their designated shifts.

FleetRobo’s Unmatched Precision in Fleet Driver Monitoring

Driver Management System with MIS dashboards

Customized and versatile MIS dashboards.

Visual Analytics

Thorough data insights and visual analytics.

Driver Monitoring Software Integration

Smooth integration with existing technology.

AI-enabled Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)

Can be bundled with AI-enabled Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)

Software and hardware scalability

Software and hardware upgrades for scalability.

Total Data Security

Guarantees total data security and confidentiality.

Technical Features

Discover the Benefits of Driver Monitoring Systems

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AI-Based Safety for Next-Gen Security

Enhance your ADAS with our advanced and comprehensive solutions to safeguard both your assets and drivers.

Enhance Safety with AI Facial Detection!

Stay alert on the road with our advanced Driver Monitoring System.

Frequently Asked questions

Have questions? We’re here to help you.

A Driver Monitoring System (DMS) is a technology designed to monitor and analyze the behavior of drivers while operating a vehicle.

A Driver Monitoring System is crucial for vehicle safety as it helps prevent accidents caused by driver fatigue, distraction, and impairme

Our DMS can identify behaviors such as looking away from the road, using electronic devices, or engaging in other activities that divert the driver’s attention from driving. When distractions are detected, the system provides alerts to prompt the driver to refocus on the road.

Our DMS platform collects information on eye movements, head position, facial expressions, driving patterns, and others.

Yes, our DMS platform can be completely customized to meet the specific needs and preferences of different companies. This customization may involve adjusting alert thresholds, configuring reporting features.

Yes, DMS can potentially help lower insurance costs for fleet vehicles by reducing the risk of accidents and improving overall driver safety. In future, insurance providers may even offer discounts for fleets that implement these systems.

Our DMS provides valuable insights into individual driving behavior and areas for improvement. Fleet managers can use the data to identify training needs, implement targeted coaching programs, and track progress over time to ensure ongoing improvement.