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Real-Time Connected Video

Stay Connected Always with Your Fleet


FleetRobo’s Connected Cameras for Total Control, Total Security

Discover unmatched safety and security with FleetRobo’s cutting-edge connected camera solution designed specifically for fleets. Our advanced video surveillance system combines high-resolution cameras and live monitoring connectivity features to deliver complete vehicle coverage. From deterring theft and vandalism to offering critical evidence during accidents or disputes, our solution provides the ultimate peace of mind for fleet managers and drivers.


Monitor Every Angle on the Road and in Containers

Gain thorough 24/7 visibility into events both on the road and inside containers with FleetRobo’s Connected Video Solutions and its wide-ranging features.

Birds-Eye View HD Event Monitoring

Gain 360-degree visibility and ensure thorough documentation of incidents.

Offline and Cloud-based Recording

Provide both local(HDD or SSD) and remote (Cloud) storage for customizable video capture and storage.

Ignition-driven System for Activation

Automatic ignition-triggered video recording ensures thorough vehicle documentation.

Battery Backup for Additional Safety

Add a 15000 mAh battery for extended emergency video backup when the vehicle is off.

Quick-Find for Video Retrieval

Save time and effort in investigating incidents and sharing videos with our AI-powered time stamping tools.

Smart 30-Second Recording

Receive a 30-second clip for all events, with clips inside containers starting 5 seconds before the door opens.

Real-time Footage Monitoring

View live footage on mobile or web platforms and within the cabin to receive real-time incident information.

Real-time 4G Connectivity

Our specialized WiFi and GSM-enabled 4G routers with a 20GB data plan guarantee 24/7 connectivity with drivers and vehicles.

Control Center Communication with In-cabin Driver

Real-time communication with the driver inside the vehicle for instruction and coordination.

Connect to Cloud

Provide automated or manual instructions to the driver at any time to adjust speed or correct actions as needed.

Playback and Exporting

Watch recorded footage and transfer video content to mobile and web platforms for ease of access.

Analyze Video Data and Reporting

Review the captured video footage alongside synchronized GPS data and generate reports using the recorded information.

Coach Drivers with Context

Provide drivers with 360° HD footage of safety incidents, observe events from their perspective and provide relevant training.

Alerts on the Go

Our real-time connected camera systems feature a comprehensive array of alerts, notifying vehicles of speeding and reckless driving, as well as monitoring camera connectivity.


HDD Error


Video Loss


Camera Disconnected


Network Breakdown


Video Tampered


DVR Online/Offline Status


Motion Detection


Two-Way Voice Connectivity


Host of Other Alerts

Intuitive and Easy-to-Use Dashboard

Industries We Cater

AI-Based Safety for Next-Gen Security

Enhance your ADAS with our advanced and comprehensive solutions to safeguard both your assets and drivers.

Our Connected-Video in Action


Number of Vehicles Tracked


Theft Attempts Prevented




Driver behavior improvements


Time Reduction with Smart Search

Experience the Future of Fleet Security!

Ensure 360° Safety with FleetRobo’s Connected Video Solutions.

Frequently Asked questions

Have questions? We’re here to help you.

Real-Time Connected Video offers live monitoring and recording of events on the road, inside containers, and at workstations, ensuring comprehensive visibility and security.

Yes, the system includes real-time 4G connectivity and in-cabin communication features, enabling continuous and direct communication with drivers for instructions and coordination.

When storage is full, the system automatically overwrites the oldest footage on the HDD, ensuring continuous recording without manual intervention. But the older footage will be available in cloud for retrieval.

Yes, you can access live footage remotely on mobile or web platforms, allowing real-time monitoring and incident response from anywhere.

The CCTV solution is powered by the vehicle’s ignition and includes a 15000 mAh battery backup for extended video recording when the vehicle is off.

Yes, the CCTV system can be integrated with various vehicle tracking or management systems, ensuring compatibility and seamless operation within existing infrastructure.