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Drive Business Success with GSTrobo® API Solutions


Smart Compliance

Simplify Invoicing Process

GSTrobo’s E-Invoicing API simplifies the creation, sharing, and management of invoices. Seamlessly integrate this solution into your systems to generate error-free and compliant invoices, reducing manual efforts and ensuring accuracy in your billing processes.

Streamline Logistics

Our API for e-way billing integration simplifies the generation of e-way bills. Ensure compliance with transport regulations while optimizing your logistics operations, all through a seamless and automated system.

Hassle-Free GST Compliance

With our GST Return Filing & Reconciliation API, meet your GST obligations effortlessly as it helps compare GST returns and identify discrepancies. Automate the filing process for your clients with quick data accuracy validation, and ensure timely submission of GST returns, simplifying your compliance. Streamline the process of matching sales and purchase data, enabling precise financial reporting and compliance adherence.

Our API’s Unique Features

API Solutions That Foster Growth

Binary Semantics is dedicated to the XaaS (Anything-as-a-Service) model, offering a comprehensive ecosystem of solutions. Our products - Fleetrobo, GSTrobo, VATrobo, and VISoF reflect our commitment to providing businesses with the tools they need to succeed.